This Pregnant Woman's 'Belly Button Trick' Is Actually a Scary Medical Issue

belly button turns out to be herniaWhen you're pregnant, your body undergoes some mind-blowing changes, but what one expectant mom thought of as a harmless new gag turned out to be something much more serious. A husband posted a video of his pregnant wife and her "belly button trick" on Reddit, and a fellow user was quick to point out that the mom-to-be was most likely suffering from a hernia.


"That actually looks like a hernia, if that's your wife please get it looked at asap. Today," wrote user knobbly_knees.

The husband, who shot the video, which is not for the faint of heart -- or anyone eating lunch -- seemed reluctant to believe anything was amiss and replied:

First, thanks for the concern!! She is a MD though and its [sic] 'normal'. She actually has a space between the muscles in her abdomen from the last pregnancy - glad im [sic] a guy.

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Frightening, right? Well, it turned out, that's no ordinary pregnancy "trick." A later reply from the soon-to-be dad proved that knobbly_knees was spot-on.

"Edit: you're right! She said it is an umbilical hernia! F*ck, reddit should just be my doctor," the husband wrote.

So just how serious is this condition? According to, an umbilical hernia, when present in adults, typically occurs when too much pressure is put on a weak section of the stomach muscles. That makes sense given how far along this mom looks.

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Surgery is usually suggested to make sure that no complications develop in adults, while umbilical hernias in children usually correct on their own.

Glad this doctor got a second opinion and her condition is treatable. Looks like a case of Reddit to the rescue.


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