18 Most Popular 'Blue State' Baby Names That'll Make Dems Want to Get Pregnant

18 Most Popular 'Blue State' Baby Names That'll Make Dems Want to Get Pregnant

baby boyProof that just about everything is political: Red states and blue states even have different opinions about baby names, according to a recent analysis of the top 500 baby names in the US in 2015 by the baby name site Nameberry. Like the views on many other issues, the names preferred by parents in conservative states versus liberal states don't have very much in common at all! 

Interestingly enough, red states are shying away from traditional names, with blue states going the more conventional, classic route in terms of spelling; blue states also tend to be more ethnically diverse in their choices -- welcome to the melting pot!

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Click through our slideshow of most popular blue state baby names to see what we mean. 


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  • #1 "Bluest" Girl Name: Francesca


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    Francesca has been a popular choice with Hollywood dads for years (Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorcese, and Jason Bateman all have daughters named Francesca); now the rest of the country is catching on -- or the blue states are, anyway! The Italian version of Frances, it means "from France or free man" (or woman?).

  • #1 "Bluest" Boy Name: Rocco


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    Maybe lots of Madonna fans live in blue states? That's one explanation for the popularity of the name Rocco (Madge's choice for her son with Guy Ritchie). Either way, this Italian name means "to rest" (something new parents can only dream about). 

  • #2 Girl Name: Maeve


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    According to Nameberry, Maeve was the name of not one but two queens from Irish mythology: the Queen of Connacht and the queen of the fairies. A perfectly magical name for your little princess!

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  • #2 Boy Name: Nico


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    Way hipper than Nicky, Nico is actually a diminutive of the Italian name Nicola and means "people of victory" -- not bad! Perfect for parents who dig the Velvet Underground.

  • #3 Girl Name: Giuliana


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    An Italian version of Juliana, Giuliana means "youthful" and, like Giana, Giulia, and Giovanna, is gaining popularity among parents who think the letter "J" is passé. We love how pretty it sounds!

  • #3 Boy Name: Mohamed


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    Talk about a name with staying power: Mohamed has been in the Top 500 most popular baby names for six straight years. (Interestingly, though, it wasn't even in the Top 1000 before the 1980s.)

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  • #4 Girl Name: Fiona


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    A name for a princess -- if you're talking about the princess from Shrek, anyway -- Fiona is of Scottish origin and means "white, fair." Other popular Fiona characters include those on Shameless and Nurse Jackie.

  • #4 Boy Name: Luca


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    If your name is Luca, do you have to live on the second floor? (Shout-out to the moms old enough to get that reference.) No matter where you live, this Italian name meaning "man from Lucania" is a home run!

  • #5 Girl Name: Giana


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    A variation on Gianna, Giana is (of course) Italian in origin and is a Latin feminization of John. Similarly popular names on the list include Giovanna and Gia. 

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  • #5 Boy Name: Angelo


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    You could probably chalk the popularity of Angelo up to singer Adele, who chose the name for her son -- or to how cool and mysterious it sounds! So romantic.

  • #6 Girl Name: Angelina


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    No doubt Angelina Jolie has something to do with rising popularity of this name. Plus, the meaning of this diminutive of Angela is pretty sweet: angel.

  • #6 Boy Name: Francis


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    Who knew the Pope would be such a trendsetter? Francis hasn't been particularly popular since the turn of the last century, but it's on the upswing. Other notable bearers of this name: Francis Ford Coppola, St. Francis of Assisi, and Francis (Frank) Sinatra.

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  • #7 Girl Name: Nina


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    Nina is a particularly unique name in that it can be found in many cultures. It's popular in both Russia and Spain, and is the name of both an Incan goddess of fire and a Babylonian goddess of the oceans. 

  • #7 Boy Name: Enzo


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    Also popular in France and Italy, Enzo was originally a shortened version of Vincenzo or Lorenzo. (All of which are pretty glamorous!) Celeb moms who fell in love with this name include Patricia Arquette and Annabeth Gish.

  • #8 Girl Name: Sienna


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    If you're looking for a name with earthy, high-fashion hippie sort of vibes, look no further than Sienna (think it-girl Sienna Miller). Also the name of a Tuscan city, Siena.

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  • #8 Boy Name: Finnegan


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    How cute is this classic Irish name? Not only can you shorten it to Finn, but it also gives you an excuse to teach your little one that "There Was an Old Man Named Michael Finnegan" song!

  • #9 Girl Name: Valentina


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    Salma Hayek chose this name for her daughter with husband Francois-Henri Pinault, and we don't blame her! Romance overload!!

  • #9 Boy Name: Maximilian


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    Let's face it: Max is one of the hands-down cutest little boy names ever, and Maximilian is about as cool as it gets. No wonder it means "the greatest," right?

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