18 Most Popular 'Red State' Baby Names (They're Making America Great Again!)

18 Most Popular 'Red State' Baby Names (They're Making America Great Again!)

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Red states and blue states have different opinions on some pretty major things, so why not baby names? The baby name site Nameberry recently analyzed the top 500 baby names in the US in 2015, comparing the most used names in red states versus blue states, and what they found was pretty fascinating -- not to mention surprising!

Contrary to what you might expect, red states gravitate toward unconventional spellings and gender neutral names, while blue states opt for more traditional monikers.

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Click through our slideshow of most popular red state baby names to see what we mean!


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  • #1"Reddest" Girl Name: Blakeley


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    Also a boy's name (but more popular for girls), Blakeley can also be spelled Blakely, Blakelee or Blakeleigh. Sort of like Ashley! (Also, if you think about it, Blakeley is sort of like if you smushed Blake Lively's whole name into one word.) 

  • #1 "Reddest" Boy Name: Kason


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    If you like "Jason" but want something a little more unique, this name could be for you! (Not too unique, though -- Kason has been in the US top 100 baby names since 2004.) A good choice if you think Mason is getting too played out. This named spelled with a "C" is also in the top spot!

  • #2 Girl Name: Brylee


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    A combination of Bryan and Lee, Brylee is unmistakeably feminine for a name with masculine roots. And if you haven't heard it yet, you will soon -- it was ranked at number 468 in 2013! (Spoiler alert: Expect lots more "b" names on this list.)

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  • #2 Boy Name: Braylen


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    What do you get when you add Brayden to Jalen? Braylen, of course! And seriously, could "B" names be any more popular this year?

  • #3 Girl Name: Kennedi


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    The meaning of Kennedi, which is Irish in origin, is "misshapen head" -- but you can just go ahead and make up your own definition if you like the name! Maybe "descended from American royalty" or something like that.

  • #3 Boy Name: Chandler


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    Could it be Friends fans who made Chandler a popular choice this year? (Note: Ross and Joey did not make the cut.) This one's cute for girls, too!

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  • #4 Girl Name: Kyleigh


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    There's no way you'd ever guess the meaning of the name Kyleigh, so we're just gonna tell you: It's a "narrow spit of land; or, a boomerang." Yup.

  • #4 Boy Name: Lawson


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    Maybe you're a Dawson's Creek fan but don't want to be too obvious? Lawson (meaning "Lawrence's son," fittingly enough) is for you!

  • #5 Girl Name: Journee


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    Inspire your daughter to go far in life with this exploratory moniker! Journee is also appropriate for fans of the song "Don't Stop Believing." But maybe go with the traditional spelling in that case?

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  • #5 Boy Name: Rhett


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    Frankly, Scarlett, Rhett is a super trendy name right now. (But how long until it's Gone With the Wind?)

  • #6 Girl Name: Millie


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    Sweetly old-fashioned, Millie (a derivitave of Mildred or Millicent) is also thoroughly modern. (See what we did there?)

  • #6 Boy Name: Davis


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    Just one letter away from the uber-common David, Davis is definitely the more unique name. (But your kid can still go by Dave if he really wants to.)

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  • #7 Girl Name: Bristol


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    A name with geographical -- and political -- connotations, Bristol is also a British port city and a town in Connecticut (and probably a bunch of other places, too). 

  • #7 Boy Name: Karson


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    More popular for boys but also a girl's name, Karson would be a great name for a Kardashian, don't you think? (And so much more fun than Carson!)

  • #8 Girl Name: Hattie


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    Technically a nickname for Harriet, Hattie hasn't been as popular as it is today in 60 years. It's as sweet and quirky now as it was then! (Harriet is pretty great too, though.)

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  • #8 Boy Name: Jaxton


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    It's not quite Jackson and it's not quite Paxton, but Jaxton is gaining in popularity. Plus, how cute is Jax as a nickname?

  • #9 Girl Name: Mckinley


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    Even though the Scottish name Mckinley means "son of the fair hero," it's becoming a popular choice for girls. Other possible spellings include: MacKinley, MacKinlee, and Makinleigh.

  • #9 Boy Name: Kayson


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    Kayson is a twist on Jason, which is a Greek word for "healer."

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