Have You Been Surprised by the Sex?

It's a boy! No, it's a girl! No, wait, it's....

The question of gender is a big one. I did a post not long ago on choosing the sex of your baby, and there's no denying that some parents become attached to the idea of having one sex over the other. And of course you become attached to the idea once you hear you're having a boy or having a girl.

What if you were told you were having one and then found out you were having the other?


ckordell07 was told at 20 weeks she was definitely having a boy -- no mistake. Then at 33 weeks she was told -- oops! -- those "boy parts" they thought they saw were actually just the cord, and she's having a girl.

She's excited, but she's been planning for a boy and now feels she has to start all over with only a few weeks left to go until the baby (girl!) makes an appearance. She asked other moms if it had happened to them, and some said, yep, it had -- they got a surprise about the gender late in pregnancy.

Has it happened to you? And did you make lots of last minute changes with the nursery and clothes, or did you just try to roll with the stuff you had?

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