Badass Alexis Bledel Masterfully Hid That She Was Going to Be a Mom

Celebrities, take note: If you really and truly want to dodge the paparazzi, keep your personal life to yourself, and basically be an all-around badass, it's time to learn from the great Alexis Bledel. Turns out the Gilmore Girls star is a new mom ... and her baby was born last fall.


We know what you're thinking -- what the what?

If you recall, Alexis is the very same celeb who managed to keep her wedding to hubby Vincent Kartheiser a total secret in 2014. Seriously, someone sign these two up for the CIA!

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So how did this major addition to the actress's life finally come to light? Well, it appears that her Gilmore Girls costar Scott Patterson let it slip to Glamour that he loves chatting with Alexis about their respective kids, and that his son is only about a year and a half older than hers. He mentions it so nonchalantly that either Scott just got a sternly worded email from Alexis angry that he totally blew up her spot or she's cool with people knowing, she just doesn't feel the need to bring attention to her son (yes, it's a boy!) in the media because obviously that would be a breeding ground for paparazzi hounding.

Alexis kept a majorly low profile over the past year or so, except for an appearance at the Gilmore Girls ATX reunion panel last June, when she would have been at least several months pregnant -- of course, assuming she carried the baby herself. (You never know!) 

You can check out the entire panel at the end of the post -- she's wearing a loose black top and a white blazer. She's so petite ... it sure does look like she's dressed to keep her bump under wraps, so unless you were looking for signs of pregnancy (and who would?), it's nearly impossible to tell.

At the time, actress Mae Whitman posted this photo with Alexis and Lauren Graham (who was, of course, also her TV mother on Parenthood), and now that we're totally analyzing it, there could be a bump there. But, man, if so, this woman is good at keeping things covert.

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Prior to that event, she did attend pal Amber Tamblyn's book launch party in April, posing for this photo. That book is very conveniently placed, don't you think?

We give Alexis major kudos for keeping her personal milestones to herself. When you're in the public eye, everyone (from fans to haters) thinks your life is open for consumption, which can be really difficult to live on a daily basis. The fact that she has managed to build a family without having to deal with the scrutiny while trying to do so is a major achievement in this day and age where everyone knows everything about everybody (thanks, Internet). Keep doing you, Alexis -- we're all for it!


Images via Richie Buxo/Splash News; Gary Gershoff/WireImage

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