'Isis' & 8 More Baby Names That Fell Off the Popularity Chart This Year

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For a lot of new moms, the Social Security Administration's annual unveiling of the most popular baby names can be both totally intriguing and a little terrifying. In an age where there's more of an emphasis on standing out in terms of names than fitting in with a classic, learning that your child's moniker is at the top of the list could bum you out.


But what about the names that are suddenly free-falling into the abyss of unpopularity? Each year there are a handful of those, too. Names that were once on the rise or beloved that ended up taking a major plunge.

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Laura Wattenberg of Baby Names Wizard took a look at the names that are quickly on the decline, weighing in on why they took such a dive. While some have pretty obvious implications, others are far less predictable.


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