'Isis' & 8 More Baby Names That Fell Off the Popularity Chart This Year

Kelly Bryant | May 10, 2016 Pregnancy

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For a lot of new moms, the Social Security Administration's annual unveiling of the most popular baby names can be both totally intriguing and a little terrifying. In an age where there's more of an emphasis on standing out in terms of names than fitting in with a classic, learning that your child's moniker is at the top of the list could bum you out.

But what about the names that are suddenly free-falling into the abyss of unpopularity? Each year there are a handful of those, too. Names that were once on the rise or beloved that ended up taking a major plunge.

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Laura Wattenberg of Baby Names Wizard took a look at the names that are quickly on the decline, weighing in on why they took such a dive. While some have pretty obvious implications, others are far less predictable.


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  • Isis


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    "The name Isis has become one of the fastest-falling, or 'most poisoned,' baby names of all time," says Wattenberg. "The Egyptian goddess name, which became linked to a brutal jihadist group, lost 70.5 percent of its US popularity in a single year. That edges out the 70.2 percent drop the name Hilary experienced in 2003."

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  • Elsa


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    Apparently the Frozen queen has fallen. "I think American parents psyched themselves out on this one," says Wattenberg. "They convinced themselves that Frozen's ice queen would spawn a surge of little namesakes to rival the hordes of Elsa look-alikes trick-or-treating on Halloween. So they all backed off en masse, leaving the name surprisingly rare. Either that or parents had just heard one rendition too many of 'Let it Go' from their toddlers. This name could still bounce back."

  • Anabelle


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    In basically every form, the name Annabelle lost major steam, which Wattenberg chalks up to the intensely scary horror flick Annabelle that came out last year about a creepy-as-all-get-out doll. "It's especially striking since the various Annabelles had previous been climbing and seemed thoroughly fashionable. The culprit in the Case of the Vanishing Annabelles is almost surely this seriously creepy doll. Anyway, in the horror movie Annabelle, which premiered in late 2014, a possessed doll terrorized its owners," she says. "Yes, that's a negative association. But the thing is, demon children from horror movies usually launch name trends rather than ending them. Think of Damien from The Omen, Gage from Pet Sematary, Adrian from Rosemary's Baby, and Regan from The Exorcist. Is Annabelle's bloodshot stare really worse than Regan's projectile vomiting?"

  • Katelyn


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    "This name, in all its spellings, was already in decline from its circa-2000 peak," says Wattenberg. Still, Katelyn is such a classic that we're surprised it would continue to drop off so steeply.

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  • Jase


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    Although Jase was among the fastest-rising boys' names in 2013, the moniker took a turn for the worse in 2015. Wattenberg attributes its initial popularity to loyal followers of Duck Dynasty, whose cast includes Jase Robertson.

  • Jayceon


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    Jayceon was also big in 2013 and has reality TV roots as well in VH1's Marrying The Game which includes Jayceon Taylor. As Wattenberg puts it, clearly the spotlight has moved on. Ouch!

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  • Arnav


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    Judging by the way the name Arnav dropped in the ranks in 2015, don't expect to see many boys with that name in the high school graduating class of 2033. It's anyone's guess why the name isn't spiking with prospective parents, but for those currently boasting the name -- don't take offense. It's all cyclical.

  • Neymar


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    Neymar -- a name which belongs to the hearthrob Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior --  also hit the fastest-falling baby boy names of 2015, for some reason.

  • Peyton


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    And last, but certainly not least, Peyton nose-dived in terms of baby boy names. Perhaps because the most famous Peyton we know (NFL quarterback Peyton Manning) retired from the game, parents are retiring the name as well.

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