Pregnant Women Read Their 'Letters to Baby' & Give Us All the Feels (VIDEO)

huggies letters to babyAs every mother knows, we form relationships with our babies long before they're born: We sing to our bellies, we talk out loud about our hopes and dreams for our unborn children, we whisper our fears about whether or not we'll measure up as moms. Now a new video from Huggies captures the ongoing conversations all pregnant women have with their impending arrivals -- and trust us, you'll definitely want to have the tissues ready for this one!


Featuring five real-life pregnant moms (and one dad) reading letters they wrote to their unborn babies -- and, most of the time, getting very teary-eyed in the process -- "Letters to Baby" is sure to trigger some serious feels in viewers. 

"You're the only one who knows the sound of my heart from the inside," writes one mom.

"You're all I wanted and all I needed," writes another.

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Truly, this video proves that there are certain aspects of parenting that are universal ... and universally emotional. Check it out:

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No, YOU'RE crying!!! Oh, those poor hormonal moms-to-be! Motherhood is definitely an emotional roller coaster, but ladies at the end phase of pregnancy are particularly prone to breaking down in tears (or at least I was). Of course, they're the best kind of tears ever -- the kind that come from being completely overwhelmed by pure love.


Image via Huggies/YouTube

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