9 Weird Pregnancy Expenses No One Prepares You For

pregnancy costs

As a first-time preggo, I knew I’d have to pay medical bills, not to mention for diapers, maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby toys, a crib, day care ... Yup, I’ve prepared myself for what’s to come in family planning and the strain it would have on my and my husband’s bank accounts. But evidently, there are so many other things you’ll have to shell out money for that you didn’t think would cost you during and after your pregnancy.


I’m not suggesting you forego becoming a momma because of the extra expenses. I don’t know about you, but I’m not that cheap ... or crazy. So let me blow your mind with this list of surprising stuff you might have to spend (at times, splurge) on. It goes way beyond doctors' visits and baby gear.

More Toilet Paper Than Usual

You will quadruple (maybe more!) the amount of times you visit the bathroom. After all, you’ll have a baby pushing on your bladder during the second and third trimesters. The frequency “to go” will multiply and so will your use of good ol’ TP. Splurge on the good stuff because peeing so often could lead to chafing if you use generic.

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Tooth Care

Depending on how your gums react to your changing hormones, you may have to buy different kinds of toothbrushes and floss -- the softer kind -- to accommodate your sensitive mouth. And since you’re more susceptible to gingivitis during pregnancy (yikes!), you’ll want to keep up with your teeth’s health as best as you can. Extra visits to the dentist may be in your future. If you invest in good upkeep on your own dime and time, maybe that dental hygienist will go easier on you.

Food Experiments

During your first trimester, you probably won’t know what you’ll want to eat and what’ll make you gag until said items have made it to your mouth. It can be a crapshoot -- it was for me -- so be prepared to waste a lot of food as you learn what works for your appetite. Case in point: I used to love eggs. During my first trimester, the taste, smell, even the thought of eggs would send me straight to the bathroom for a barf fest. Not fun.

New (Disposable) Underwear

From what I hear, you’ll get mesh underwear at the hospital when you deliver, but you’ll probably want to continue to use these well after the birth. (I have not met these infamous mesh undies yet. Give me another month or so until my baby’s arrival and I’ll let you know how I like them.) Your fancy thong and lace undies will have to wait to be worn. (Sorry, dads.) Take some of the disposable underthings provided for you for free while you’re at the hospital. You’ll probably also want to buy some comfy, washable non-disposable pairs to wear while you’re on the mend too.

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Diapers (for You, Not Just Baby)

It’s what none of my mom friends mentioned to me before I became pregnant. (Thanks a lot, pals.) No one told me about the fact that I will need adult diapers after I deliver the baby (and beyond if I suffer from urinary incontinence as some moms do). I guess this happens? Ugh. I plan to order these in bulk from Amazon because walking into a store and standing in an aisle carrying a box of them is not my idea of a good time.

Bigger Shoes

Yup, the struggle is real. During the second or third trimester, your feet likely will expand and you’ll have to wear a half or full shoe size up. Because of that lovely change, the shoes you had pre-pregnancy will have to be set aside for a couple of new pairs of shoes you didn’t think you had to buy in this stage of the game.

Lotions and Potions

Your belly and nipples will itch ... and itch so bad, you’ll need relief. Enter, lotions, serums, and oils that will soothe. I found myself splurging on these, since the good ones with the best reviews are not cheap. Luckily, they’re very effective at getting the job done.

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Comfort Items

You might find yourself on a shopping spree for new pillows, slippers, and more. That's because sleeping has never been more difficult. Creating a fortress of comfort on your bed with a body pillow (or several) will help you get a good night’s rest. Your partner, on the other hand, will have to sleep elsewhere, which could also mean added cost if you don’t already have a couch or another bed for him to take over.

Also when you retain water and have swollen footsies, cushy slippers will make you feel sooo much better. I splurged on Mahabis myself and have zero regrets.

Convenient Services

Who wants to push a cart around and load groceries in a car when carrying a honeydew in your belly anyway? Why scrub a toilet when you can barely even bend over? Confession: I just paid a cleaning duo $250 to solely clean our house’s bathrooms and kitchen -- and nothing else. Is that crazy? Maaaybe, but after they did their thing, I was so close to telling them to come back next week. The value of special services that end up making your life easier feel so worth it when you're pregnant.


Ysolt Usigan is first-time pregnant lady who is admittedly not built to be one. You know how some women say, "I love being pregnant"? That couldn't be further from Ysolt's truth, she says. As a coffee-drinking, sushi-eating, non-maternity-clothes-wearing mom-to-be, she strives to "keep it real" (with her pregnancy and beyond). Don't judge! Excited to meet her little girl (due in May), she currently works as a full-time branded content director at The Weather Channel and freelance writes for The Stir in the meantime. You might've also seen her work from when she was a lifestyle editor at AllYou.com, iVillage.com, TheBump.com, and more.

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