15 Powerful Baby Boy Names Inspired by Superheroes

Happy baby boy wearing superhero costume flying in the sky

Superheroes might be fictitious, but that doesn't mean they don't inspire us to save the day. Whether one grew up reading beloved comics Batman and Wonder Woman or enjoys an action-packed movie, we have the ultimate way to commemorate our favorite heroes ... with a baby name, of course! Taking the fandom one step farther by naming baby after our favorite superheroes might seem geeky, but doesn't everyone know by now that geek is chic?


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Should one be expecting a little bundle of joy, give him a name that really packs a punch. Though, physical strength isn't their only attributes; superheroes are also brave, honorable, and act with integrity -- all things that we'd want for our little guys. And yeah, it is pretty cool that superheroes have X-ray vision, super strength, and all their super gadgets! There is no wrong reason for naming a baby boy after a superhero -- one might just have trouble picking a favorite. But luckily, there are always middle names for a vigilante-loving super family. 

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Want to see which do-gooder names made our list? Here's a look at some pretty awesome baby boy name ideas inspired by our favorite superheroes.

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Happy baby boy wearing superhero costume flying in the sky

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