15 Powerful Baby Boy Names Inspired by Superheroes

Tanvier Peart | Apr 25, 2016 Pregnancy
15 Powerful Baby Boy Names Inspired by Superheroes
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Happy baby boy wearing superhero costume flying in the sky

Superheroes might be fictitious, but that doesn't mean they don't inspire us to save the day. Whether one grew up reading beloved comics Batman and Wonder Woman or enjoys an action-packed movie, we have the ultimate way to commemorate our favorite heroes ... with a baby name, of course! Taking the fandom one step farther by naming baby after our favorite superheroes might seem geeky, but doesn't everyone know by now that geek is chic?

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Should one be expecting a little bundle of joy, give him a name that really packs a punch. Though, physical strength isn't their only attributes; superheroes are also brave, honorable, and act with integrity -- all things that we'd want for our little guys. And yeah, it is pretty cool that superheroes have X-ray vision, super strength, and all their super gadgets! There is no wrong reason for naming a baby boy after a superhero -- one might just have trouble picking a favorite. But luckily, there are always middle names for a vigilante-loving super family. 

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Want to see which do-gooder names made our list? Here's a look at some pretty awesome baby boy name ideas inspired by our favorite superheroes.

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Happy baby boy wearing superhero costume flying in the sky

  • Kent


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    Who says last names can't make good first names? "Kent" (think Clark Kent, aka Superman!) is a cool choice that's stately and quite powerful.

  • Kal


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    Speaking of Superman .... if he had a government-issued license, this beloved superhero would go by Kal-El. "Kal" has a cool ring to it.

  • Logan


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    James Howlett. Wolverine. Hugh Jackman. This popular X-Men character goes by so many names, but most know him as "Logan."

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  • Bruce


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    Now, you might be thinking "Bruce" as in Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) -- which would be correct. It also, however, happens to be the name of Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk.

  • Remy


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    Are you a betting woman, mon ami? Remy LeBeau, or Gambit, is one X-Men character who always has an ace up his sleeve. Should you happen to love the name, just know "Remy" doubles as a unisex choice.

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  • Braddock


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    Psylocke might have a complicated past full of twists and turns, but this superhero also has something that might be of interest to you: a cool baby name. While Elizabeth (Betsy) Braddock likely won't be a good fit for your boy, "Braddock"  is quite charming.

  • Xavier


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    School is in session, and this baby name will earn you an A. "Xavier" is a baby name choice that's unique and definitely unforgettable. Plus, your son might be a future leader of mutants who save the world. (You know, like Charles Xavier.)

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  • Grayson


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    Looking for a baby name that mixes it up a bit while paying homage to a superhero? Try "Grayson" on for size. No, seriously -- it's a good baby name choice, for a boy or girl. And, in case you're wondering, Dick Grayson is Robin (Batman's sidekick).

  • Oliver


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    Whether you enjoy the television series Arrow, or have room in your heart for an archer with a cause, Oliver Queen is a name you might want to remember. "Oliver" is a super cute choice to bestow on a baby boy.

  • Quill


    Image via Andriy Maygutyak/Shutterstock

    Star-Lord! Your son can help keep order as a Guardian of the Galaxy. (Okay, maybe he won't police the universe, but he can keep a few folks at home in check.) "Quill" is the last name of protagonist Peter Quill and is pretty cool, right?

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  • Bishop


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    If you watched X-Men: Days of Future Past, you had the pleasure of meeting Bishop, who is notorious throughout comic books as a time traveler and once bodyguard of Professor X. A child with the name "Bishop" will defend your home.

  • Lawton


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    You don't want to mess with Deadshot; he's a dude who aims, shoots, and never misses. Even though your son likely won't be able to join the Suicide Squad, bestowing the name "Lawton" (Deadshot's real name is Floyd Lawton) on your son definitely pays homage.

  • Wade


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    Forget the name Deadpool. (He's funny, but that's probably not the most appropriate name to call your kid.) "Wade," however, sounds like a dashing name. Who knows, maybe your son will have a funny sense of humor and save the day.

  • Reed


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    Do you think of your boy will grow up to be Mr. Fantastic? Well, he might not have founded the Fantastic Four, but at least you can give your son a cute superhero name: "Reed." (As in Reed Richards.)


  • Parker


    Image via Valerijs Novickis/Shutterstock

    Spider-Man. Spider-Man. It's hard to talk about popular superheroes and not bring up this web-slinging character. While Peter might be a common name (nothing wrong with that), "Parker" is a unisex choice that brings something different to the table.

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