21 Baby Names Voted 'The Worst' of 2016 ... So Far

Tanvier Peart | Mar 23, 2016 Pregnancy
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  • Aliviyah


    Image via Amelia Fox/Shutterstock

    Apparently Reddit users really dislike "creative spelling." Alrighty then!  If you're wondering how to pronounce it, here's a hint: Olivia Wilde, Olivia Newton-John, Olivia Pope ...

  • Mhavrych


    Image via ZTfoto/Shutterstock

    This rendition of "Maverick" might cause your kid's teacher to do a double take. Those Reddit users really don't like the use of Y's instead of I's!

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  • Beberly


    Image via Mita Stock Images/Shutterstock

    "Beberly hills," quipped one Reddit user.


  • Danger


    Image via Aaron Amat/Shutterstock

    "Danger, Will Robinson. Danger!" Soo maybe Lost in Space wasn't the inspiration for this baby name. You gotta admit, it does live on the wild side. And, guess what? Danger is a unisex name.

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  • Little Sweetmeat


    Image via MillaF/Shutterstock

    .... LOL. There are no words for this one. Before you consider naming your child "Little Sweetmeat," please (oh please) think about the ramifications of that choice: the resumes Little Sweetmeat will need to fill out; the time in school Little Sweetmeat will have every time attendance gets called, etc.

  • Nevaeh


    Image via wong sze yuen/Shutterstock

    Should you have a little difficulties understanding the meaning behind this name, allow us to help you out. Write it down -- in large letters -- on a piece of paper. Now, stand in front of a mirror. Yup, Nevaeh is "Heaven" backwards.

  • C'andre


    Image via BrianWancho/Shutterstock

  • Colon


    Image via Samuel Borges Photography/Shutterstock

    "Hi, my name is Colon." Imagine seeing that on a sticker at a business function, or a speed-dating event. There's really no way to paint this baby name as an awesome choice. Guarantee you didn't think about grammar and punctuation when you first saw this. (Yeah, you might want to remember to call your doctor for a checkup.)

  • Abcde


    Image via Aynur_sib/Shutterstock

    When a Reddit commenter didn't believe this was a real name (as in A ... B ... C ...), the original posted pointed to this article claiming there are 328 humans in the USA named Abcde. Seriously, y'all, Abcde is a girl's name.

  • Baby


    Image via Blend Images/Shutterstock

    Well ... we know someone named "Baby" (who cares if she was fictitious) who had the summer of her life, found love, and learned how to dirty dance. All jokes aside, Baby is a pretty sweet unisex name choice.

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  • Merika


    Image via Kenneth Man/Shutterstock

    Who knows if this is a unisex name or not. "Merika" sounds kinda patriotic. Maybe the baby who gets this name will want to make America great again.

  • Jerica


    Image via szefei/Shutterstock

    Do you just love the name "Jessica"? Can you not live without "Erica"? Well, now you don't have to choose -- because you can mold them together into "Jerica."

  • Panthy


    Image via JPagetRFPhotos/Shutterstock

    "Like panty with a lisp?" questioned one Reddit user after hearing this name. "Panthy" could reflect a parent's strong love for a leopard ... right?

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  • Reighleigh


    Image via Mi.Ti./Shutterstock

    How is "Reighleigh" all that shocking? Sure, it might've been a wee bit easier to use Riley, but maybe Mom likes the letters "g" and "h" in a baby name. (Just a thought.)

  • Appaloosa


    Image via S.Borisov/Shutterstock

    Hmm ... Well, maybe Mom or Dad love Ed Harris and felt inspired to name their baby girl after this 2008 movie. Or, maybe these parents really love the appaloosa horse breed? Yeah, there's no real way to sugarcoat this one -- it's out there.

  • Gotham


    Image via bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock

    When the terror of the night becomes unbearable, who do you call? Hollywood is full of superhero movies and television shows that capture our attention, and have us rooting for the good guy. One baby name that made this list but might turn out to be a badass choice is "Gotham." Sure, it's different, but very unique.

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  • Yunique


    Image via Katya Shut/Shutterstock

    Speaking of unique, this is a very special way of spelling ... unique. At least you can't say "Yunique" isn't distinct. (Mom, you get points for being original.)

  • Melanomia


    Image via MAGGIE100/Shutterstock

    "Ex-boyfriend named his daughter Melanomia. Yup. Dodged a bullet," wrote a Reddit user. If you don't know, melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body, if undetected.

  • Britney Shakira Beyonce


    Image via Amelia Fox/Shutterstock

    Nope, you're reading this name correctly. This little child will never have to choose her favorite performer because she has three names for the price of one. "Britney Shakira Beyonce" is pretty fierce with a bigger pair of heels to fill. Are you "crazy in love" over this baby name? (PS: The initials are BSB, like, you know, The Backstreet Boys.)

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