21 Baby Names Voted 'The Worst' of 2016 ... So Far

Tanvier Peart | Mar 23, 2016 Pregnancy
21 Baby Names Voted 'The Worst' of 2016 ... So Far
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Cute 2 months old baby boy
Gabriela Insuratelu/Shutterstock

Baby names: What to choose? Expectant moms shouldn't take this decision lightly, as the name you give your son or daughter might be super cool ... or possibly cause therapy. (Think, think, think, think.)

We've already seen the hottest baby names for girls and oh-so-cute boy names of 2016 -- but what about those that didn't exactly make the cut? Reddit users had a field day listing what they think are the worst baby names they've recently heard. The very top "worst" picks were based on hundreds of comments and upvotes.

Hopefully, your kid didn't make the list -- and if he or she did ... um, at least the name you chose is popular? Seriously, though, this is all in fun.

So, here we go. Here's a peek at some of the worst baby names of 2016 thus far -- at least according to Reddit!


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