Groundbreaking Discovery Means Hope for Women Who Suffer Miscarriages

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Pregnancy loss is hard. There are so many questions you have -- about your body, what happened, and whether or not such an outcome will occur again. Sadly, one in five women will experience a miscarriage, while one in 100 will suffer three or more consecutive unsuccessful pregnancies. But now, UK researchers believe they've found the cause of multiple miscarriages, and they're working to create a solution.


This is great news. No, it's groundbreaking, and it will likely encourage the hearts of so many women who struggle to have children.

Experts at the University of Warwick believe a reduced amount of stem cells in the lining of a womb can cause a miscarriage, and that a lack of these stem cells can cause a uterus to age at a faster pace. Detailing this in their study published in the journal Stem Cells, researchers examined 183 donated tissue samples and determined such a deficit of stem cells in the womb's lining can lead to multiple miscarriages.

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What makes these findings all the more remarkable is that researchers aren't just calling it quits with their new discovery. No, they're using it to enhance early detection of women at risk of recurrent miscarriages, and they're also looking for ways to increase the number of stem cells inside the womb's lining -- which will make having a baby a reality.

Jan Brosens is a professor and leader of the study who hopes his team's efforts will enable women who suffered from multiple miscarriages to experience the joys of pregnancy. "I can envisage that we will be able to correct these defects before the patient tries to achieve another pregnancy," notes Brosens. "In fact, this may be the only way to really prevent miscarriages in these cases."


I can only think of all the hearts that will be uplifted by this. Modern science, and its ability to transform the lives of so many families (for the better), is beyond amazing.

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I truly hope these researchers are successful in creating a test that identifies women at risk of multiple miscarriages, and creating procedures that would raise the amount of stem cells inside a womb's lining necessary to bring a child into this world.



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