The Unexpected Things Moms Around the World Pack in Their Maternity Bags (PHOTOS)

Chances are, when you packed your maternity bag for the hospital, you stuck to the standard items: baby clothes, a comfy robe, maybe some relaxing tunes for labor or an assortment of massage oils. But in other parts of the world, what's inside the bags of moms-to-be looks very different (think razor blades and flashlights!).


A new photo project from the leading international nonprofit WaterAid (which works to ensure that health-care facilities around the globe have access to clean water and sanitation systems and to promote good hygiene) reveals just how incredibly varied the maternity bags of moms from different parts of the world are, perfectly illustrating the wide range of experiences -- as well as how profoundly some of these women need better resources. 

"It was a way of connecting with people all over the world," says Sarina Prabasi, CEO of WaterAid America.

"Mothers want to have the best conditions possible for themselves and their newborn babies. There are remarkable similarities and remarkable differences in the things that they choose or are told to bring to their birth, especially depending on whether things like clean water and soap are readily available. This photo series had a visual impact different than if we had written it in words."

DeliverLife, a new project from WaterAid, photographed and interviewed the women for this series; click through for a stunning and personal peek into their bags!


Image via WaterAid/Jordi Ruiz Cirera