19 Surprisingly Adorable Baby Names Inspired by 'The Walking Dead'

Tanvier Peart | Feb 19, 2016 Pregnancy
19 Surprisingly Adorable Baby Names Inspired by 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 10

In case you're late to the party, there's still time to join the Walking Dead bandwagon. Known for heart-stopping plots, crazy twists, and zombie showdowns, the AMC hit series has a pretty huge cult following that will resonate with fans for some time -- and might even inspire a baby name or two.

Even if you aren't glued to your television on Sunday nights, there's a pretty good chance you've heard of Rick, Daryl, Carol, and Glenn -- popular characters on the show who've slowly turned into household names. But those names are nothing compared to some of the new ones you should try "sinking your teeth" in! Here are some adorable and cool baby name ideas inspired by new and memorable characters on The Walking Dead.

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  • Walker


    Image via Nadezda Cruzova/Shutterstock

    If you watch the show, then you know this name is quite popular. A common term for a zombie, Walker can also double as an adorable baby name for a little boy.

  • Alexandria


    Image via Judy Kennamer/Shutterstock

    Once a place of solace, the Alexandria Safe-Zone community is a sometimes quiet little neighborhood outside Washington, DC. Granted, residents do have to worry about occasional attacks and zombies, but overall, it's a place surviving characters enjoy calling home ... for now.

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  • Negan


    Image via otsphoto/Shutterstock

    Fans of The Walking Dead are anxiously awaiting the debut of Negan. Leader of "the Saviors," he is a sociopath on a mission and will likely be one of the worst villains the show has ever seen. No matter how sinister he might be, you gotta admit, Negan is still a pretty cool name.

  • Lucille


    Image via Paul Hakimata Photography

    Speaking of Negan, there's a new "character" who will show off her powerful force. Fans of the Walking Dead comics already know about Lucille, Negan's dangerous bat that just so happens to be wrapped in barbed wire. Be careful not to cross her; Lucille plays no games.

  • Morgan


    Image via Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

    Who doesn't love Morgan? A man of peace who experienced an unfathomable loss, Morgan has found his inner zen -- and aims to maintain as much peace as possible. Plus, his name happens to be an awesome unisex choice.

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  • Blake


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    If you've been watching The Walking Dead for some time, it's hard to forget The Governor. Once the baddest villian in the land, the former Woodsbury leader proved to have ulterior motives, as he stopped at nothing to get the things he desired. While his true identity varies (he's mainly known as Philip on the show and as Brian in the Walking Dead comics), The Governor's last name, Blake, is a popular baby name choice, for both boys and girls.

  • Michonne


    Image via Samuel Borges Photography/Shutterstock

    Had it not been for Michonne -- and her katana sword -- many characters wouldn't have survived in The Walking Dead. Once a lone ranger, Michonne has quickly become a valuable asset, and a total badass.

  • Abraham


    Image via milosducati/Shutterstock

    Abraham is one of those guys you go to when you need stuff handled. Whether overseeing construction or helping others in the group during runs, Abraham isn't afraid to get his hands dirty for the cause.

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  • Sasha


    Image via Yuri Chen/Shutterstock

    Sasha is one tough cookie who knows how to rise above adversity. A huge team player, she has no problem wielding a gun, running for supplies, and helping out the group any way she can. Sasha also happens to be a gender-neutral name.

  • Enid


    Image via KayaMe/Shutterstock

    A mysterious character, Enid is a survivor who has overcome so much as a teenager. Having lost her family, Enid is a quiet member of the Alexandria community who finds the necessary strength to help others in times of distress.

  • Olivia


    Image via Anastasia Tveretinova/Shutterstock

    Olivia is a meek character who enjoys serving others. In charge of the community pantry and armory, she's disovering her inner power to stand with fellow members of Alexandria and defend their community.

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  • Eugene


    Image via SonicN/Shutterstock

    Even though Eugene lied about being a scientist and having a cure, he does try to help fellow residents of Alexandria. Awkward at times, Eugene is slowly but surely finding his own voice -- and the courage needed to survive.

  • Merritt


    Image via David Tadevosian/Shutterstock

    Actress Merritt Wever plays Dr. Denise Cloyd, the resident doctor in Alexandria -- and while her character on the show battles constant anxiety, there's nothing feeble about this unisex name.

  • Spencer


    Image via Adrian Petrean/Shutterstock

    The only member of his family to survive zombie attacks, Spencer Monroe is on a mission to help other residents in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Whether being a lookout inside the tower or mustering up the courage to battle walkers, Spencer is proving to be a formidable character. And PS: Spencer happens to be a great unisex choice.

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  • Heath


    Image via Zdenka Darula/Shutterstock

    Even as a minor character on The Walking Dead, Heath has a name that really sticks. Focused on running supplies for the group, he exhibits a ton of determination and loyalty.


  • Tobin


    Image via Khomkrit Phonsai/Shutterstock

    It's always great to have someone in the mix who's optimistic and a hard worker. Tobin happens to be that person. Rarely losing his temper, he is proving to be a valuable asset. Should you happen to like those qualities, you might want to consider Tobin as a gender-neutral baby name.

  • Gabriel


    Image via wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

    Ah, yes ... dear Father Gabriel. On the road to redemption for quite some time now, this former priest is slowly making amends for his past sins. Even if you aren't a huge fan of his because of what he's done in the past, Gabriel is proving to be more and more useful.

  • Andrea


    Image via Oksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock

    When you look up the term "ride-or-die," you better believe you're going to see Andrea's face. A once beloved character, Andrea was a sharpshooter and a compassionate woman who did everything in her ability to maintain peace and protect the people she loved ... even in the face of death.

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  • Merle


    Image via Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock

    Just because you come from a troubled past doesn't mean there's no room for redemption. Fans of The Walking Dead were so happy to see Daryl's big brother Merle display courage and selflessness -- even if it meant giving up his own life.

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