Is it Safe? Coloring Your Hair While Pregnant


dying your hair while pregnant

Sometimes the list of pregnancy don'ts can feel overwhelming -- and all sorts of persistent pregnancy myths about what's safe and what's not add to the confusion.

What about coloring your hair while pregnant?

Read on to hear what moms (and medical experts) have to say.

StClairsWifey asked in Pregnancy if it was safe to color her hair while pregnant -- here's a brief re-cap of what the moms had to say:

  • First, a lot of moms are doing it -- period.
  • It's probably fine, but get it done by a pro, ask him what he recommends, and try to minimize exposure to fumes and direct or prolonged contact between the chemicals and your scalp. says:

There's only limited research, but most experts feel dying your hair while pregnant is probably safe.

Still, chemicals can be absorbed through the scalp, so some docs will recommend not dying your hair until you're out of the first trimester, when the most important fetal developments occur.

Whether you're at home or in a salon, make sure it's a well-ventilated room to limit exposure to chemicals and fumes.

Consider highlights instead of a full head of color. The chemicals aren't applied at the roots, so they won't come into contact with your scalp -- which means they can't get into your bloodstream.


And of course, consult with your doctor about what he recommends and what is best for you.

So, tell me -- have you colored your hair during pregnancy?

is it safe


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despe... desperatelyTTC

I colored and highlighted my hair during pregnancy. My dr said i could do i did. I have to have color in my hair!! =)

1_Tee... 1_Teen_Mom

i colored AND bleached my hair and then REcolored my hair while i was pregnant and there is not a single abnormality about my 18month old daughter except she's extremely hyper lol

MushlRC MushlRC

I am a liscensed cosmetologist and the school of thought buzzing around the salons from my area was as long as you not "eating" the hair color your fine, lol. 

All kidding aside many fellow beauticians work with and around these products daily during their pregnancy not to mention having it done to themselves & I've never heard of a problem in our community. 

If you are a little apprehensive about it still but feel the need for color then hi-lightinhg by pulling through a cap is an excelent option.  The cap keeps a protective barier between your scalp and any product bein put on your hair therefore less chance of anything absorbing into you skin.

MeNMy... MeNMy2Kids

I have never dyed my hair while pregnant.

mommy... mommy2danica

I refused to- I already had a high-risk pregnancy and had already smoked not knowing I was pregnant for weeks.  I read MULTIPLE studies on some cosmetics that were definitively linked to genital defects, especially in baby boys, so I was already only using face lotion and sometimes a certain mascara, and no perfume because it's in almost all perfume.  I figured, why dye my hair when the rest of me is going to look like THIS?  That, and I wouldn't have been comfortable with it anyway because of the chemical exposure, even from just inhaling fumes.  It wasn't worth the risk to me when DD was already at risk and I had already lost her twin by 7 weeks.   

maofe... maofemmjacgav

yep i did! i just waited till i was past the 14 wk mark.

mommy... mommyflynn5

I colored my hair during preg. but  only used the stuff that you buy at the store.  The only bad thing is that it stung alittle.

CherB... CherBearCM

Yes I did, I waited till I was about 14 weeks.... I'll have to go in again in a couple of months, I colour to get rid of my gray.  And my hairdresser did a great job of keeping it away from my scalp!

whois... whoishotmama

Im plan but  a friends told me not safe for smell cause due preg. so i never color untill my baby born

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