Is it Safe? Coloring Your Hair While Pregnant

dying your hair while pregnant

Sometimes the list of pregnancy don'ts can feel overwhelming -- and all sorts of persistent pregnancy myths about what's safe and what's not add to the confusion.

What about coloring your hair while pregnant?

Read on to hear what moms (and medical experts) have to say.


StClairsWifey asked in Pregnancy if it was safe to color her hair while pregnant -- here's a brief re-cap of what the moms had to say:

  • First, a lot of moms are doing it -- period.
  • It's probably fine, but get it done by a pro, ask him what he recommends, and try to minimize exposure to fumes and direct or prolonged contact between the chemicals and your scalp. says:

There's only limited research, but most experts feel dying your hair while pregnant is probably safe.

Still, chemicals can be absorbed through the scalp, so some docs will recommend not dying your hair until you're out of the first trimester, when the most important fetal developments occur.

Whether you're at home or in a salon, make sure it's a well-ventilated room to limit exposure to chemicals and fumes.

Consider highlights instead of a full head of color. The chemicals aren't applied at the roots, so they won't come into contact with your scalp -- which means they can't get into your bloodstream.


And of course, consult with your doctor about what he recommends and what is best for you.

So, tell me -- have you colored your hair during pregnancy?

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