Mom Finds Out She's Pregnant ... From Her Fitbit

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Like a good number of those of you who are reading this, I, too, am a Fitbit junkie, and am unashamed. Most of us know all the awesome things you can do with the activity tracker -- including monitoring your steps, exercises, sleep, and floors climbed, along with other brag-worthy features. But who knew that a Fitbit can possibly reveal whether or not you're pregnant? That's just nuts!


Now, before you run off trying to figure out if there's some new update that includes a "pregnant/not pregnant" screen, don't waste your time -- actually, you might need a few additional steps in your day, so go right ahead.

As it turns out, one Reddit user took his wife's crazy Fitbit concerns to a community forum. Apparently, her HR Charge was going berserk, logging some pretty serious hours that showed a heart rate even when she wasn't being active at all.

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Well, her heart rate stats weren't a flaw in the gadget, but rather a hint that another "workout" the couple did will have lasting results ... like a baby! Now, I've heard of tons of wives' tales promising certain things can reveal whether or not you're pregnant, but this? Well, this is something.

I'm still going back and forth discussing the possibility of having a third child with my husband (we might need the UN to intervene), and I would totally get a kick out of this if it happened to me.

It's like:

"Hey, Tanvier. How did you find out you're pregnant?"

"Oh, Fitbit, girl."


Not only would it give me enough time to buy him an inhaler to make the news more digestible, but it would also save me a ton of money peeing on that damn stick -- any and every time I felt I was pregnant. Even if you happen to find those suckers on sale, they still know how to hit your wallet.

So, I get to save money and utilize all the benefits this activity has to offer?

Yup, that sounds like a good investment to me.


I know, I know: Patience is a virtue. But when you "feel the spirit" move you to take a pregnancy test, you can't help but feel excited at the possibility. Plus, my Fitbit would help hide the "evidence."

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Obviously, this has more to do with early pregnancy signs, and less with a pedometer serving as a deck of tarot cards -- or some crystal ball.

Lord knows I use my Fitbit a lot (you know that saying, "Don't leave home without it"? Yeah ...). In many ways, it is my bestie, and goes with me everywhere. So why not be the one to reveal that I am hitting my fitness goals, am kicking butt in a challenge, and happen to be expecting a child?

That's fun and unexpected. (Well, if you're trying to have a kid.)


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