15 Ancient Childbirth Myths That'll Make You Glad You're a Mom Now

snakesWe've all heard our fair share of questionable old wives' tales regarding pregnancy and childbirth, but chances are you haven't heard some of the craziest commonly held beliefs about having babies from ancient times! If you think labor and delivery are a messy, dirty business now, wait'll you hear what it was like in ancient Greece (spoiler alert: You'll be glad you were born in modern times!).


If you think eating placenta pills postpartum is a weird thing to do, well, let's just say it pales in comparison to what many long-ago cultures did with the afterbirth. And at least you probably didn't have to deal with a basket of snakes in the delivery room!

Read on for one of the strangest history lessons you'll ever get!


Image via Eric Bégin/Flickr

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