Pregnant Women Should Eat Chocolate Every. Single. Day. (Science Says So)

Gorgeous Hispanic pregnant woman biting a chocolate bar and making eye contact

Being pregnant just got a heck of a lot sweeter -- no, seriously. Researchers are highlighting the benefits of pregnant women eating chocolate high in flavanol each day -- including lowering the risk of preeclampsia. If ever there was a study that makes you rush to the store for a snack, it's this one.


And, in case you're wondering, that's high in flavanol and not high in flavor, haha.

Researchers presented their study at the annual meeting for the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, as there has been a long-standing debate on whether or not moms-to-be should indulge. On the opposing side, some believe chocolate consumption during pregnancy can lead to preeclampsia, a condition that can result in high blood pressure and gestational hypertension.

Thankfully, chocolate seems to be victorious.

Experts followed close to 130 pregnant women (moms expecting multiples weren't included), who ate chocolate on a daily basis for 12 weeks -- both rich in flavanols (compound found in cocoa) and processed alternatives -- throughout their pregnancies. They were able to conclude that eating yummy chocolate could result in a positive impact on fetal development and the placenta.

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Now, before you try to jump for joy, or do a cartwheel (if you're pregnant, please don't), the participating moms-to-be were only given 30 grams of chocolate per day -- that roughly translates to a small square.

Hey, less is more ... right?

Still, there are some skeptical of the data, who aren't quick to include chocolate on their list of healthy pregnancy eats.

Whether you follow studies to the letter or roll your eyes at them, it never hurts to celebrate some good news ...

Especially when chocolate is involved.


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