13 Hottest Names for Baby Boys in 2016

Tanvier Peart | Feb 8, 2016 Pregnancy
13 Hottest Names for Baby Boys in 2016

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Whether you're expecting your first or seventh child, one thing is important: choosing a good baby name. With so many options, you might be scratching your head as to where you want to start. Well, look no further!

Nameberry released its list of hottest baby names of 2016 -- and it will have expectant parents glued to their computers for ideas.

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Here are the top 13 boy names on the list.


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  • James


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    What's not to love about James? This classic name is a huge hit among expectant mothers -- earning the top spot on the list. Mommies expecting little girls, however, shouldn't fret. James can be a wonderful choice for your daughter. Just ask Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

  • Elijah


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    Fans of Hebrew or biblical names will enjoy Elijah. Meaning "Jehovah is God," your son will have a powerful name that packs a religious punch.

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  • Jayden


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    Do you love the names Jacob and Aidan, but can't decide? Now you don't have to! Jayden is a super cute name for a little boy. It can also double as the perfect name for a girl, making it a fine unisex choice.


  • Elliot


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    Interested in another baby name with a gender-neutral twist? Elliot is a fine choice. A relative of Elijah, it's quite the popular name.

  • Logan


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    Why, hello, young lad! An Irish surname, Logan is a cute baby name choice that means, "dweller at a little hollow."

  • Charlie


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    "Good morning, Charlie!" There's no denying how regal the name Charles is. Charlie, however, takes a playful approach to the princely name.

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  • Jude


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    Jude is one of those names that's high-spirited and a little dapper. Plus, it happens to be the title of a classic Beatles tune.

  • Elias


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    Elias is a name that pulls inspiration from Elijah, but can stand on its own in the popularity department. It's simple, and oh so adorable.

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  • Isaiah


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    Hebrew names are definitely holding their own on the list of hottest baby names of 2016. Isaiah, or "Yahweh is salvation," finds a spot, and is a name that carries might and power.

  • Arlo


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    Rounding out the list of top 10 hottest boy names of 2016 is Arlo. It's unique and sounds genuine and quite friendly.

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  • Kai


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    Kai is one of those names that rolls of the tongue. Gender-friendly, it's also a multicultural choice, with great significance in Hawaiian ("sea") and Japanese ("forgiveness") cultures.


  • Evan


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    Aww, sweet Evan. This baby name is a nice choice for a boy, or a girl. Evan sounds very cool and mellow.

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  • Aryan


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    Want your son to grow up and be honorable and a warrior? If so, you might want to consider the name Aryan.

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