Dad of 4 Girls Faints ... for Real ... When He Finds Out He's Having a Son (VIDEO)

A dad had the best reaction after finding out that his wife is expecting a son, after having had four daughters. Julio Pena, a New York dad, and his wife Kari wanted to keep the gender of their next baby a surprise, so they asked their doctor to write down the baby's gender in an envelope. They then had their teenage daughter order the cake for the gender reveal, so she was the only one who knew whether she'd be getting a new brother or a new sister. 


This dad's reaction shows how excited he was to find out he would no longer be the only man in the house. 

 His wife Kari told ABC News: 

He was so nervous. He was like ... he was dying for a boy forever.

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I can totally understand his reaction, because after having two boys of my own and a stepson, I secretly hoped I would finally get a girl when I got pregnant for the last time. I mean, I just wanted a healthy baby, but I thought it would be fun to have someone to watch football with. My mom also badly wanted me to have a girl because she had three daughters and thought it would be fun for me to have my own girl. Anyway, I found out I was having a girl, but I called my mom and told her it was another boy, because I knew she would be all disappointed and unable to hide it. The next day I sent her a dozen pink roses with a card that read: I lied, I'm actually having a girl!

So not only did I get my daughter, but I was also able to make my mom feel like a jerk for not being as excited if I were having a boy. It was a total win-win, even though nobody fainted. 


Image via Ruth Black/Shutterstock 

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