Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier: Take It or Leave It?

baby bjorn

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier, $66,

So, baby-mamas-to-be, it's time for Take It or Leave It Tuesday, where I ask about a specific piece of baby gear and you tell me if you think it's essential or not. Last week, I asked about the Boppy Nursing Pillow, and most moms said they'd take it. Today, it's the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier.

There are lots of baby carriers and slings out there -- is this "the" must-have of the bunch? You tell me.

Item: Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier

Cost: About $65 - $80, depending on color and where you buy

What It Does: Carries your baby in a chest-facing or outward-facing direction, allowing mom or dad hands-free flexibility

Pros: It's a safe, sturdy carrier that allows you to see the baby while wearing him

Cons: It's pricey, and some moms don't find it the most comfortable baby-wearing option

What do you think?


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