Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier: Take It or Leave It?


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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier, $66,

So, baby-mamas-to-be, it's time for Take It or Leave It Tuesday, where I ask about a specific piece of baby gear and you tell me if you think it's essential or not. Last week, I asked about the Boppy Nursing Pillow, and most moms said they'd take it. Today, it's the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier.

There are lots of baby carriers and slings out there -- is this "the" must-have of the bunch? You tell me.

Item: Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier

Cost: About $65 - $80, depending on color and where you buy

What It Does: Carries your baby in a chest-facing or outward-facing direction, allowing mom or dad hands-free flexibility

Pros: It's a safe, sturdy carrier that allows you to see the baby while wearing him

Cons: It's pricey, and some moms don't find it the most comfortable baby-wearing option

What do you think?


Do you have a Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier on your registry?

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I used this carrier for babies 2 and 3, and loved it.  We borrowed one for baby #2, and bought one for baby #3 because I liked it so much for #2.  I never worried about the baby falling out, and it kept my hands free on outings to help contain my other 2.

Katie... KatieCrandall

I looked at several before purchasing this one.  Though this was one of the most expensive, I actually felt more comfortable when I was wearing it than when I wasn't, which sold me completely!  I'm not sure what was so comfortable, it just seemed to hold my body in place well or something!

jcsmummy jcsmummy

my son hates it. he wails the entire time. he really likes our sling with the different positions. the bjorn has very little wiggle room.

whittyf whittyf

i like it. ive used it for both my boys and its really comfortable.  ive tried a few different ones and i like this one the most.  you can adjust it to fit you perfectly and my baby loves to get snuggled in tight and it keeps him steady. his head doesn't flop all over and its comfortable for me because i can adjust the straps.

Mommy... Mommy2ZOEBETH

We bought one and hated it.We ended up buying the JEEP carrier instead.It was the only one big enough for Daddy to wear.

elena... elenasmom905

We had this for our first baby, and it was GREAT!  We've since given it to SO's neice, who recently had a baby, but since she doesn't use it all that much, we're hoping she'll send it back our way to use again!!!!!!! 

Belli... BelliesMami

These are awful for your back and your babies spinal development-get an Ergo! Its worth every penny =)

forgi... forgivenservant

I would never have the bjorn - heard it's too hard on the back. But I'm a carrier addict! Neither kid has ever used a stroller, I can carry both at the same time, I can go anywhere without worries, have my hands free, have snuggles... oh so good. I wouldn't trade my carriers for ANY other baby product. If I HAD to choose just one, I'd choose my mei tai... but the moby is a REALLY close second... (and of course the sling is so nice for a quick cuddle... lol!)

doulala doulala

Like the carrier addicts above me, I also say "leave it"!    I prefer better designed, more comfy, and safer styles like an Ergo, pouch sling, or a wrap.    The Bjorn was the least preferred of my 7 or 8 carriers I have used.   With my back problems, it's nice to know I can still use my Ergo with my first grader & preschooler.   (sometimes at the same time, haha!)

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