Sweet & Adorable Pregnancy Card Gives Expectant Parents a Dose of Reality (VIDEO)

prank baby shower cardKnow anyone who just got knocked up? This greeting card is the perfect thing to send them. JokerGreeting.com has just released what may be the most brilliant new baby gift ever: a greeting card that cries for three hours nonstop.


Yep, that's right:

The best part about this card? It gets louder if the recipient presses the button again to try to stop it. 

prank pregnancy card

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You know, some may say this is a mean prank to pull on expectant parents, but I think it's perfect -- because you know what new parents need almost as much as an endless supply of diapers and the ability to wake up every few hours to feed on demand?

A really good sense of humor. 


Image via JokerGreeting/YouTube 

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