12 Celebrities Who Were Accused of Faking Their Pregnancy

Kimberly Goad | Jan 12, 2016 Pregnancy
12 Celebrities Who Were Accused of Faking Their Pregnancy

It's one thing to strap on a baby bump prosthetic in the name of playing a character who's pregnant. But it's quite another to have a real bump and be accused of faking the pregnancy. It's one more thing that celebrity moms-to-be have to worry about -- aside from being pressured to pop right back into a size 2 dress a week after giving birth, of course. As crazy as it sounds, some celebrity moms are being accused of faking their pregnancies, and we've got the photos to prove it. 

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There are always rumors that follow certain celebrities. From off-screen hookups, scandalous affairs, and how celebrities really treat their assistants, people just can't get enough of a good piece of celebrity gossip. But what about the most nefarious rumors of all ... that our favorite stars are faking their pregnancies. Though we'll never know where these rumors start, once they start, they really collect momentum. For the true gossip-hound, the hows and whys of a fake Hollywood pregnancy can come together with a little sleuthing. So who are the famous ladies accused of this dubious crime?  

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These 12 celebrities were accused of faking their pregnancies -- and some even went out of their way to prove doubters wrong. 


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