19 Unique Celebrity Middle Names to Steal for Baby

Stars often start trends by giving their babies unique names -- from North to Pilot Inspektor to Wyatt Isabella. We often think that celebs make the craziest name choices, but celebrities' own monikers can often be an inspiration -- especially when moms-to-be look just beyond the stars' first names to their middle names. We promise these middle names have a spark all their own!


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Could celeb middle names be the next baby name trend? We say yes.

From Demi Lovato's unique middle name to the incredible middle name of Ms. Tina Fey, there are so many interesting and untapped celebrity names right beneath the surface, just waiting to be discovered. And Game of Thrones fans must check out Kit Harington's amazing middle name! It's absolutely decadent! Just like everything else about him. 

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Check out these 19 examples, which range from the unique to the unusually beautiful, and are all ready to hit the top of all the "it" name lists. We were surprised how many of these middle names turned out to be our new baby names favorites! Who knew celebrity middle names could be so fantastic? Take a look!

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