Your Daughter's Name Can Determine If She's 'Naughty' or 'Nice' (PHOTOS)

Santa's 2015 Naughty & Nice Name List: Girls

With only a few weeks left before Christmas, your daughter might try to fix her behavior -- in an attempt to be back in Santa's good graces. Well, it might be for naught. Your child's name itself might just determine whether she's "naughty" or nice." 


Every year, a company called School Stickers comes out with an annual  "Santa's Naughty and Nice List."

The names are determined based on a sticker reward system where teachers record their students' achievements. The common names who have the most achievements end up on the "nice" list. The names that show up most frequently as not getting rewards show up on the "naughty" list. The list is all in good fun, and shouldn't be taken too seriously. But it's fun to see if girls with your daughters' name were mostly good or mostly not this year .... Check it out!



Image via Guschenkova/shutterstock

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