Do You Plan on Co-Sleeping with Your Baby?

co-sleeping co sleeping

The subject of co-sleeping has come up a lot around here recently -- Cafe Suzanne wrote about sleeping with your baby in Baby Buzz and Cafe Kierna wrote about sleeping with an older child in Big Kid Buzz (judging by the number of comments, it's a hot topic.)

What do you plan to do when you bring your baby home from the hospital?


Krysten 309 said in Pregnancy that she was thinking of co-sleeping with her baby for convenience and so she wouldn't disturb others in her house. But then she read that 170 children in Texas died while co-sleeping with a parent or older child in the last year, and now she's concerned.

Moms weighed in with all sorts of thoughts. Some were co-sleepers and loved it; others said they kept their new babies close by in a co-sleeping device attached to the bed or in a bassinet, but not actually in bed with them.

What about you? Will you co-sleep with your baby?

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