Checklist: Cold-Weather Maternity Clothes to Keep You Cozy This Winter

pregnant woman winter clothesPregnant women have a reputation for always feeling warm, but I was super-sensitive to almost everything – including the cold. Now that the weather's cooling down, I’m willing to bet your maternity wardrobe could use a refresh. So what are you going to want in your closet to keep you comfortable and stylish for the next few months?


The fashion key to getting though winter weather while pregnant is layering. You’re going to be going in and out of warm and cold places – your car, work, home, outside. (Brrr…) Find pieces that are going to keep you toasty but are also easy to shed when you’re sitting close to a heating vent.

Here's a rundown of the maternity pieces you'll want to add to your closet this season.

Tunic sweaters

Pick up a couple chunky, long sweaters made to fit over your bump. These are comfy enough for binge-watching your favorite TV show but also cute enough to wear when your best friend calls for an impromptu café meet-up.

Maternity leggings

Yep, to go with those tunics. Some moms-to-be love leggings with a waist panel that stretches over your belly because they stay up better. Others find all that material uncomfortable and prefer an under-belly style. Try on both and see what’s best for you.


Choose neutral cardigans you can wear to work, on date night, and anywhere in between. Here’s where those layers come in – they’re easy to take off when you get hot. Button-up cardigans have a dressier look, while open-front styles are the ultimate casual wear.


If you work in an office, a blazer is key for taking almost any outfit and making it work-worthy – depending on how formal your workplace is, of course. You’ll probably wear your blazer at least once a week while you’re pregnant (and maybe even after!). It also serves the same layering purpose as the cardigan.

Layering shirts

A variety of long- and short-sleeved maternity shirts will give you plenty of options to wear underneath your cardigans. Get some soft cotton shirts for the weekends and some patterned and silky maternity blouses for the office.

Pea coat

A pea coat is the ultimate dress-up-or-dress-down coat. It’s got a classic, preppy look that’s equally appropriate for work or for a casual weekend of holiday shopping. Non-maternity coats aren’t going to fit comfortably around your belly -- especially not when you have all those layers underneath. Warm outerwear that’s made for a pregnant woman is worth the splurge.


If you live in a particularly cold climate (hello, fellow northeasterners!), a puffy coat -- either down or a down alternative -- is what’s going to get you through January and February (and let’s face it, most of March too) without freezing your booty off.

Long-sleeved dress

Sometimes the most comfortable thing to wear when you’re pregnant is a nice cotton dress – and you can totally wear it in the winter as long as you're layering up. Opt for basic black or pretty wintry jewel tones in wrap, ruched, and fitted designs. This one's good for the office, your baby shower, and Valentine's Day dinner.

Party dress

Chances are, there’s a special event (or two or three) that you’ll have to go to this season, whether it’s a holiday party, a work event, or a wedding. Get a pretty dress that makes you feel your best in a formal fabric such as velvet or with lace details.

Dress silhouette is up to you -- whether you love flowy, earthy frocks, bump-hugging numbers, or something in between (look for side-ruches to accommodate your growing figure). This dress can be sleeveless or short-sleeved if you like. But be sure to bring along that cardi or blazer.

Maternity tights

Tights allow you to wear your dresses on cold days. Obviously, tights are tight. Do yourself a huge favor and don't try to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy tights. Just don't.

Poncho and/or sweater coat

Right on trend are sweater ponchos and coats. These chic, chunky sweaters give pregnant women plenty of room and warmth without feeling frumpy.

Jeans and black pants

Depending on what flies at your workplace wardrobe-wise, the same top and sweater you pair with maternity jeans on the weekend can probably be matched with some chic black pregnancy pants during the week. The good news is both skinny and bootleg styles are "in" right now, so choose whichever you find more flattering. Also optional is a couple pairs of maternity corduroys.

"Nice" sweat pants

Best news ever for pregnant women? Sweatpants are currently stylish! You’re seriously going to want to pick up a pair in either black or gray, but don’t buy typical sweatpants if you want to wear them out in public. Look for stylized details like angled pockets, a slim cut, and cinched ankles.

Fleece pajamas

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy while you’re pregnant, but you can make it that much cozier by wearing PJs with plenty of room and warmth.

Did we miss anything? What maternity clothes do you love to wear in winter?


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