Moms Share Frustrating Stories of Being 'Pregnant, Then Screwed' at Work (PHOTOS)

pregnant and sadIf you're a working mom, then you're probably all too familiar with the notorious unfriendliness many women are forced to deal with in the workplace after getting pregnant. That's why the website Pregnant Then Screwed exists: as a place for the estimated 54,000 women who lose their jobs due to pregnancy every year to tell their stories!

All of these stories are frustrating beyond belief; many are heartbreaking. But it's so important that these stories are being told, because the more women who come forward about their experience, the more likely things are to change. Let's hope we hear fewer and fewer of these tales as time goes on! 


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  • When I Hired You, I Didn't Expect You to Get Pregnant


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    "I worked at a plastic surgeon's office ... My husband and I thought we wanted to wait a few more years till we had kids. After failed BC, I got pregnant and extremely sick ... When I told my employer I was pregnant, HER (yes, she was a woman with kids of her own) response to me was exactly this: 'When I hired you, I didn’t expect the face of my practice to become pregnant.' Long story short, she tried to get me to write a resignation letter to her weeks after she fired me and made me give the office key back. I did not write that letter because I did not quit."

  • 4 Years Later, I'm Finding It Impossible to Find a Job


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    "On returning to work [I] applied for part-time work (during my maternity leave, my office location had been changed to a place that added one hour each way to my commute) and was flatly refused. I was told I was 'too valuable an asset and my work too important to the business' to be allowed to cut my hours. But not so valuable that I couldn’t be offered redundancy. Faced with never seeing my child during the week and it actually costing me effectively £10 a day to work, I took the redundancy. Four years later, I'm finding it impossible to find a job that makes it worthwhile working."

  • I Was Told I Couldn't Have Both a Career and a Baby


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    "I had to tell my employer I was pregnant at eight weeks due to morning sickness. I work for a small company with only five employees. On telling my employer I was pregnant, the first question I was asked was ‘Was it planned?’ And I was told I couldn’t have both a career and a baby."

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  • I Had to Go Through Counseling & My Health Suffered Greatly


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    "I was called in on a KIT day less than two months after my baby was born to be told that my team was being dissolved and my role as team leader was to be made redundant. They offered me a demoted role where my pay would be frozen until that team caught up with me. They told me that if I declined the role they would consider it a resignation and I would therefore not be eligible for redundancy pay ... I had to go through counseling and my health suffered greatly. They ruined my maternity leave -- a time that I thought would be the happiest of my life."

  • I Am Extremely Stressed Out & Sad & Tired


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    "I have been on maternity leave for nine months. Last Wednesday I had a meeting with my Area Manager and we discussed my return to work. She told me if I come back full-time I won’t be able to cope because it will be too stressful for me, polices have changed and everything is different, if I come back part-time I may lose my position and be demoted. I was crying for two days and have been really depressed after this ... I am extremely stressed out and sad and tired I just want to focus on my new baby."

  • This Isn't the Life I Hoped for When We Had Children


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    "I lost my job whilst on maternity leave -- but no one told me. They assumed, as I was having my third child, that I wouldn’t return to work and just took me off the books, I think ... I’m 43, and I have no idea what the future holds for me or my family, but this isn’t the life I hoped for when I had children -- I thought we were secure because I had worked consistently to be so. No one should have had the right to take that away as if it were a game."

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  • My Boss Never Let Me Pump


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    "I was employed with a major construction firm. I had maternity leave and felt compelled to return just 11 weeks after delivering my son. This was hard and although I had set up an area with the maintenance staff where I would be able to express [breast milk], my boss never let me take the time out to do this."

  • After 8 Years, They Treated Me Like Garbage


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    "On the last day of my unpaid maternity leave, after just having advance paid three months of nonrefundable day care tuition for my baby, my boss called me and told me I was laid off and didn’t need to come back in. I wouldn’t have taken all that leave if I knew I didn’t have a job to come back to. I could’ve been looking for a new one. It was awful. After eight years there, they treated me like garbage."

  • I Was Fired Before I Was Even Pregnant


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    "I was let go from my job at a small business (only four employees) because I mentioned that my husband and I were planning on starting a family in the next few months. I was in excellent standing, I had just gotten a glowing review where my boss went on about how much I’d contributed to the company and its growth ... I know without a doubt I was fired because of pregnancy discrimination (before I was even pregnant!)."

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  • All I Received Was a Text


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    "I worked so hard for my employer and was excellent at my job. I could do no wrong in their eyes and was promoted quickly. Then I fell pregnant ... When my baby was hospitalized and I had to take two days off, all I received was a text saying 'when are you back you’re not getting paid.' I handed my resignation in that day!"

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