20 of the Best Things About Wearing Maternity Clothes

pregnant woman shoppingPregnancy can have its ups and downs. Oh, the excitement. Ugh, the heartburn. But one thing that can certainly brighten a mom-to-be's day is shopping for maternity clothes.


From cozy sweaters to comfy pants, we love maternity wear. Let us count the ways. Here are 20 of the top things we adore about a pregnant lady's wardrobe:

1. You're basically forced to buy new things for each season -- a gal could get used to that!

2. No matter what you wear, someone is bound to tell you how cute you look.

3. Those panel-at-the-waist pants will be your best friend at all-you-can-eat buffets!

4. You can purchase trendy pieces and not feel guilty. These clothes are for right now; who cares if they're not in style in three years!

5. All bets are off when it comes to sizes. Need an XL? Bring it on, baby!

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6. Good-bye, skinny jeans, hello, stretch pants! A gal could live in these until her baby goes to college!

7. Many maternity clothes grow with you -- adjust the buttons, loosen the tie-back -- yay, instant comfort. Let's see your regular clothes do that! 

8. Since your coats won't fit for long, you can splurge on maternity capes and ponchos that you can use long after you bring home baby. 

9. Your old body insecurities are practically gone, and now you're just concerned with covering your bump.

10. You have an excuse for a shopping spree -- and a big one at that!

11. You really need to buy a new dress for that special occasion you've got coming up!

12. Acquiring this new wardrobe is a great excuse to upgrade your shoes and accessories as well. 

13. Lots of shirts and tops have built-in shelf bras. Enjoy the freedom that comes from not having to clasp anything in the front or back!

14. You never worry about your fly being down.

15. These aren't your grandma's maternity clothes! Today, moms-to-be have a gazillion designer styles to choose from with each complementing bumps of all shapes and sizes. 

16. Your cleavage looks amazing, and you can feel free to show it off.

17. Sales associates are always nicer to you when you're buying maternity wear. How could they not be? You're carrying precious cargo.

18. The models and mannequins finally resemble real women!

19. There's no need to tuck anything in.

20. Maternity clothes are the comfortable old friends that'll be there for you after baby, when you can't button or zip any of your old pants.  


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