14 Best Pre-Baby Gifts Meant Just for Mom

gifts just for moms before baby arrivesExpectant moms deserve plenty of pampering, but often the gifts they receive are just for baby. Some lucky ladies, however, have thoughtful friends and family members who focus on keeping mama happy as she waits to greet her new little bundle of joy. So just what do moms-to-be want most?


We asked the ladies within our CafeMom community to share the pre-birth presents meant just for them that they treasured most.

"My mom passed down her diamond ring that her great-aunt had given to her. It is a beautiful antique with a small, rare-cut diamond in it. It was very special to me. Someday I will pass it to my daughter as well." -- Frogbender

"My husband surprised me with roses, a bunch of vitamin waters that I was craving, Twizzlers, and marshmallows. It was so sweet that he knew what I was craving." -- Momofirish3

"I was given a beautiful nightgown with matching robe to wear in the hospital." -- Mrsmom110

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"My husband got me a massage a month for a year as a combination Mother's Day and birthday present right after we found out I was pregnant. So awesome." -- JamieC0403 

"A tin of white tea with ginger and pear. It was the only gift for just me! I like tea though." -- Kitmanson

"I had a pumpkin pie all to myself the day before I went into labor. All mine. It was perfection." -- LilyRuiz213

"The best gift I got while pregnant was my huge body pillow. Best thing ever." -- Beatlemom417

"A massage and hair cut. I think that was the best present ever!" -- Breezy8445

"Cake! Oh, and boxes of mac and cheese that were just for me." -- Admsj5

"White orchids, died vibrant blue, in a nice white vase." -- Sassym0m24

"At my baby shower, I was very surprised to open a small box full of gift cards to ice cream shops and a spa!" -- AlwaysKISA

"Mine was after I gave birth. My incredibly sweet and awesome friend bought me a six-pack of my favorite beer and a pizza and brought it over just for me. That is all I wanted the entire time I was pregnant. It was incredibly thoughtful." -- Corabe 

"My hubby bought me a ring with his and our son's names and birth stones on it." -- Daylinmom

"I was on bed rest for almost three months. My husband's coworkers had planned to throw us a shower, but I wouldn't be able to attend it. So they all got together and gave me a half dozen magazine subscriptions, some fuzzy socks, and a really long power cord for my phone. My coworkers sent four 'heat and eat' dinners from a mail-order service, since they knew my poor husband has a limited culinary repertoire. I was overwhelmingly touched by both gestures." -- Maliffy

What was the best gift you received while pregnant -- that was just for you?!


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