Wife Breaks Pregnancy News to Husband With 'Taste Test Challenge' (VIDEO)

pregnancy taste test challengeAnother day, another sweet and clever pregnancy announcement video! And when we say "sweet," we really mean sweet -- because this is a pregnancy announcement disguised as a taste test challenge, with banana baby food playing a key role!


Popular YouTube vlogger Cory Williams thought he was merely indulging his wife Kristen's whims to identify mystery foods on camera when he stepped into his kitchen and put on a blindfold, but the newly expecting mom had a huge surprise planned ... and it had nothing to do with what was on his spoon! Still, Cory didn't know that going in -- and because he's a self-proclaimed "competitive" sort, he tried his best to "win" the "challenge." It started out with ice cream and ended with what Cory's mom said was his favorite treat as a little one: banana baby food, which also happened to make the perfect segue to Kristen's big announcement! Check it out:

Awww, the look on his face when he figured it out! And the look on her face when she figured out that he figured it out! Telling your partner that you're expecting is just such an incredible moment -- I think that's why these videos are so endlessly compelling. After all, we only get to experience that moment a finite amount of times as individuals. But thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can feel the joy vicariously through other couples over and over again! 

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And while Kristen is just seven weeks along at this point, the couple says they didn't hesitate to share the news.

“We’re sharing it because this is our real life and this is what we’re excited about,” Cory told ABC News. “No matter what happens, we’re going to love the baby. And if something happens, we’re going to share that, too.”

Here's hoping all goes well, and that the Williamses keep on making cute videos for us to watch! Best of luck, guys, and congrats!


Image via DudeLikeHELLA/YouTube

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