New Info on Drinking During Pregnancy Goes Against Everything We've Heard Before

If you could do everything in your power to protect your child from harm, would you do so? One would have to assume the obvious answer is yes. The American Academy of Pediatrics hopes expecting moms will hear their plea, as consuming alcohol while pregnant -- regardless of the amount -- isn't okay.


But isn't a small glass here and there all right?

Apparently not.

After what seems like a constant back and forth in the medical world about whether or not it's safe to drink a little during pregnancy, researchers believe there's too much evidence pointing to no. In fact, they say the assumption was a misinterpretation of statistics (well all right). Even if you're in your first trimester, experts strongly advise not to leave anything to chance. Once you know there's a bun in your oven, say no.

It's also worth mentioning that previous binge-drinkers are most likely to drink while pregnant.

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From the sound of things, no form or amount of alcohol is safe -- including wine, beer, and liquor (yes, you read correctly, no wine) -- as it can pose a great danger to both your pregnancy and child's development. No matter the trimester, moms-to-be who take a drink can put their baby at risk of developing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs), which are not only preventable, but also sometimes aren't caught by doctors. Now there's a good chance you probably heard about fetal alcohol syndrome, as it tends to get the most attention (physical characteristics are often more noticeable). Yet, experts note FASD is often difficult for pediatricians to catch early on, but certainly cause developmental delays and difficulties with behavior down the road.

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Sorry to rain on your parade, but there doesn't look to be a "safe amount of alcohol" a pregnant woman can drink that would leave her free of any risks. Granted, most ladies expecting realize they shouldn't consume alcohol, but do have a very small glass on special occasions ... or a random Friday, should the "spirit" move them. Even if your doctor gave you the thumbs-up in the past, studies like this deserve a look.

Hey, look at it this way: You can start saving all the money you would normally spend each week on wine for a weekend getaway, or for Christmas shopping. If anything, you'll have a good amount to fund your happy hours post-pregnancy.



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