Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 12


weekly pregancy calendar week 12

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I'm following a first-time pregnant mom, 19-year-old bam61907, on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Check back every Wednesday for the latest developments!

Week 12

What's Happening with Mom: I've been feeling mostly great this week, besides being tired and having two bouts of nausea. I thought the morning sickness was over, but it came back early in the week -- just not as bad as before. And I still have not thrown up!


As for other pregnancy symptoms, I've definitely had to urinate frequently. I am peeing every 20-30 minutes! It's driving me nuts. I can't go anywhere without having to pee. I sit in traffic on the way home from work, and I'm stuck there in the car needing to go.

My midwife said it was OK for us to have sex, and I'm still in the mood, despite being tired. My husband was afraid to make love after seeing the baby move on the ultrasound, but the midwife assured him he's not going to do any harm. We're only having sex about twice a week, but mainly because we're so busy with work and school.

I think I've gained a couple more pounds, and my pants are definitely getting tighter; my husband and I can tell I'm starting to show, but no one else can yet -- which is a good thing!

I've been craving lots of salty stuff this week, like Wheat Thins and Cheez-Its. But yesterday I was dying for some brownies, so I baked some and was in HEAVEN! The one food I have to avoid is steak.

I'm popping my prenatal vitamins everyday -- religiously. I've heard they make some people queasy, but not me!

I don't get the results from the screening test for Down syndrome until my next appointment on January 28. I've thought about the possible results a little, but I'm praying and am sure everything will be fine. I don't know how we would handle it if the results were positive, and I've read there's a false positive rate. But regardless, I'll love my baby.

I absolutely cannot wait to enter my second trimester -- I will definitely feel a sense of relief. I'm less worried about the bleeding between my placenta and uterus now than I was four weeks ago, and I'm sure I'll be even less worried once I hit the 14 week mark. Things are more "real" since I saw the baby kicking on the ultrasound, but I know it will really hit me when I start showing and when I can feel the baby move.

I'm feeling very grateful for my husband and my family -- and VERY grateful for the little bundle of joy God has blessed up with. I couldn't be any happier.

And right now, I'm looking forward to eating lots of good food and spending time with the family on Christmas!

What's Happening with Baby: I'm getting big -- between two and three inches long now, crown to rump, so about the size of a kiwi. All of my organs are formed, and my reflexes are beginning to develop. I'm already officially a boy or a girl, but my external genitalia are becoming more distinct and in a few weeks your doctor may be able to break the news about my gender to you by checking me out via ultrasound.

Question of the Week from Answers:

"I'm having constipation issues. I'm taking fiber daily, but I can not use the bathroom. I need help!" -- BrandyMommie22

This has always worked for me -- drink apple juice and eat apples! -- thangelbabybug

My doctor told me to lay off the fiber -- stick with juice and water. And if you're taking iron supplements, maybe cut back on those, too. -- Necie72

Sounds weird, but drink pickle juice! -- needhelpplz

What about you? What typical first trimester symptoms are you experiencing? And if you have questions, ask them here.

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