This Free, Personalized Birth Plan Helps All Moms Have Better Births

pregnant The art of baby-having can be stressful. There is a lot to think about beyond choosing a baby name and what color to paint the nursery. You need a birth plan -- we all do. But sometimes thinking about what you need to think about is too much stress. Earth Mama Angel Baby created a Free Birth Plan to help all moms have better births -- whether you are going all-natural or thinking about medications to help you along the way.


This plan is for even the high-risk mama because it will help guide you (and those at your birth) and also honor your wishes at every step. The last thing we need during birth is stress, so this is designed to reduce that. It's everything you need to think about during birth and those moments after -- but you are thinking about it before you are in the moment, so you have time to really think it out.

Sounds empowering? It sure is.

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On the website, you click the boxes that feel right for you. It includes before labor as well, such as how far after your due date you are comfortable going and if you want to do any laboring at home. You will think about if you want to be induced with anything from herbs to intercourse to Pitocin. It also addresses if you want anyone in the delivery room with you -- family, friends, residents, and even if you want the door open or closed, lights dim or bright. Do you want an epidural or any kind of pain relief? Do you want an episiotomy or to deliver your baby using a mirror? Do you want to catch your baby? Have skin-to-skin and breastfeed right after? Do you want the doctors telling you when to push? If you are faced with a C-section, do you want time to think it over with your partner? When baby is born do you want her to have eyedrops or Vitamin K? What do you want to do with your placenta?

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I know, I know -- it's so much to think about. But we have to think about it. It's our birth -- our beautiful moment we bring our children into this world.

This birth plan includes every detail you should consider prior to being in labor. This is so you make thoughtful decisions and do not feel rushed in the moment. It's perfect for all mothers.

We need this. And I'm not just talking about a birth plan exactly. We need others to support us in our pregnancy, during our birth, and beyond. We need to think about all the aspects of our pregnancy, birth, and beyond with a clear mind -- not during labor. We need to be our own advocates and also have our partners be on board as well. I love that this exists -- it's women helping women have their best birth ... and we all deserve that.


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