Man's Reaction to Hearing Wife Is Pregnant After 15 Years of Trying & Several Losses Will Make You Lose It Too (VIDEO)

Dealing with fertility issues can be heartbreaking. Dana Griffin-Graves and her husband, Arkell, have tried so hard to have a child, but unfortunately experienced so much loss. After deciding not to try anymore, Dana shared some good news with her husband in this pregnancy announcement that will leave you in tears.


The thought of this couple being married for nearly 17 years, struggling for so long to get pregnant, and coping with loss -- including four miscarriages and a stillborn birth -- is all you need to hear to scream, "Congratulations!" at the computer. My heart jumps with so much joy for Dana and Arkell, along with any couple who find themselves in a similar situation. I can't even begin to imagine trying and trying before giving up, and later finding out you're pregnant!

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This dad-to-be's reaction when he finds a "bun in the oven" is priceless and extremely moving.


When I first saw this video and heard Dana tell her husband she was five months along, I wondered to myself, Why didn't she say something beforehand? But now that I know about their struggles to conceive -- and all the loss they experienced -- it all makes sense.

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Dana and Arkell, I wish you nothing but the best with your baby boy! Hopefully this story will encourage others -- including those a little older (Dana hints she no longer thought getting pregnant was possible because of their age) who want to have a child -- not to lose faith.


Image via Dana GG/YouTube

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