30 Awesomely Easy & Creative Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

30 Awesomely Easy & Creative Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

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Being pregnant could be considered something of a disadvantage as far as finding the perfect outfit goes, but when it comes to finding the perfect Halloween costume? That's when pregnancy is a definite plus! There are so many fun and funny ways to dress up a bump, and plenty of them are super easy (and pretty cheap, too!). We found 25 of the best and most LOL-worthy pregnancy costumes that you're definitely going to want to take notes on. 

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From Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball, to a Golden Snitch, to a classic Pixar character, these hilarious mamas found a way to make their pregnancy tummies work for them. Just because you've got a bun in the oven, that doesn't mean you can't go all out for your favorite holiday!

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In need of some inspiration? Here are some of the most creative approaches to maternity Halloween costumes we've ever seen. And just think, next year you'll be dressing up your brand new little baby too!

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