Man Creates Paranormal Pregnancy Announcement That Looks Like A Horror Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

You've seen one pregnancy announcement video, you've seen them all. Well, that is until you watch this one submitted to Reddit by user Optimus Maximus (offline name Gavin Holt) who created a short movie in the spirit of Paranormal Activity to announce his wife's pregnancy. 



It's so fun and original and just in time for the Halloween season. In my opinion, it's a nice change from all of the cheesy happy pregnancy video announcements we are all so used to seeing. Plus, bonus points to the cute cats and the mystery substance on the mirror that perfectly illustrates a pregnancy craving. 


In the comments when asked about his family and friend's reactions, Gavin Holt explains,  Mother in-law was upset that we scared her in the outtake LOL, but no worries since the baby couldn't hear us back then. Reaction has been awesome, usually a congrats followed by their reaction to the vid .

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Gavin is obviously amazingly talented and I can't wait to see what types of videos he creates starring his new baby once it's born. So many congratualtions to this fun and creative couple! 


Image via YouTube/GavinHolt

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