Twin Sisters Are Both Expecting Their SECOND Set of Twins! (VIDEO)

You can forget that Full House reboot, because this sounds much more interesting. Can you imagine twin sisters having two sets of twins? Well, folks, it happened. Utah siblings Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker are expecting another pair of twins that will be two weeks apart.



I can't even imagine such a thing happening, as it doesn't sound like it was planned. Seriously, who calls up her sister and says, "Hey girl, thinking about getting pregnant, you should too"?

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Having twins already means your hands will be full -- but two sets? Let us get on our knees now and pass around that collection plate!

While things will likely be loud and a wee bit chaotic for a period of time (just a little), at least Kelli and Kerri can go through this experience together. Sometimes, no one can truly understand what you're feeling until he or she walks in your shoes -- and as these women have a set of twins under age 5 already at home (Kerri also has a 2-year-old daughter), I'm certain they don't need words to get their point across. Outside of being an anomaly, it does make for a great icebreaker when meeting new people. What's also cute is how these sisters married best friends. Now their husbands can lean on each other for advice.

I wonder if their two sets of twins will grow up to have twins of their own. Now that would really be crazy!

Best of luck to your families!


Images via Charli Anderson/YouTube; Giphy


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