Wife's 'Birthday Present' Pregnancy Announcement for Her Husband Gets the Best Response (VIDEO)

Newlywed Catie Reay had some exciting news to share with her husband, and it just happened to coincide with his birthday. So she thought, why not combine the two? You have to see how her husband, Chad, responded to the clever way she shared the pregnancy announcement as a birthday present!


I love how Catie tells Chad she got him something "I wanted us to be able to share together." I think maybe Chad was caught off guard and maybe not paying close attention to her words, because when he sees the long, white gift box she hands him he says, "Is this my watch?"

Chad, no. It is not your watch. Only one person can wear a watch at one time. This is a gift you'll share with your wife.

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But it's great that Catie misled him with that box (which just happens to be the right size and shape for a pregnancy test!), because it made him that much more surprised when he found out what was really inside. And his reaction? Aww, you're just going to melt when you see it.


Posted by Catie Reay on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Don't you love a man who cries for all the right reasons? That's so sweet. 

We almost hate to share this video for fear that the more it gets shared, the more future dads will see it and will be onto the trick. This is a brilliant, copy-worthy way to share your exciting pregnancy news with your husband, isn't it? 


Image via LittleStocker/shutterstock

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