Pregnant Woman Forced to Stand During Train Ride While Man in Her Reserved Seat Laughs

Some people display such unthinkable behavior that you have to question who raised them. Seriously, why would a man take a pregnant woman's seat and then laugh in her face? Well folks, this happened to Mhari-Claire Doolan across the pond in the U.K.


Is a train seat really that serious?

I'm trying to imagine what would make a person remain in a seat that was reserved for someone else. Even if there was no "hey, this is reserved" sign in plain view, the fact that this 34-week-pregnant woman had a ticket is all I think needed to be seen (I would've taken her word, but whatever). Maybe I can understand a little second-guessing (no, not really), but laughing at someone for standing -- especially when she's pregnant -- is over-the-top! In case you're wondering, Mhari-Claire stood for about 30 minutes before the man got off the train.

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To the "gentleman" who did this: You, sir, deserve a personal citation from the court of basic home training and etiquette. And was there no kindhearted person who saw this pregnant woman and thought to give up his or her own seat so she wouldn't have to stand?

Hopefully Mhari-Claire dreamt all of this up, as it sounds more like a nightmare than real life (I know she didn't, but I am appalled something like this would happen). Then again, the sad reality is that we live in a world where people just don't care. Not every pregnant woman wants to sit, but at the very least, you should at least ask.

I can remember my days of shuffling around the Big Apple with my belly in tow. Some days I felt like I could do flips, while others made me tired. Even though I never expected anyone to give up their seat (folks just aren't that courteous anymore), I can't imagine how I would feel if I had a right to a seat -- and proof for that matter -- that someone refused to honor.

Does the price of doing the right thing (or something kind) cost more than a train ticket? I guess so.


Image via © Yang Liu/Corbis

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