3 Sisters Give Birth on the Same Day (No, Really)! (PHOTO)

Seeing is believing, as there are certain things in life that will make you say, "yeah, right." What are the odds that three sisters would give birth on the same day? Well, folks, it actually happened.


Not only did Irish sisters Mairead Fitzpatrick, Joeline Godfrey, and Bernie Ward all deliver within hours of each other on the same day, but their fourth sister, Christina Murray, is waiting in the same hospital to give birth to her child.


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Was there some family gathering that resulted in a good night for each of these siblings? Did they all just happen to "Netflix and chill" (I finally know what that means!) with their guys on the same day?

What's even crazier about this story is the birth order, and how it correlates to each sibling. Mairead, the first sister to give birth, is a first-time mother. Joeline was up next and gave birth to her second -- followed by Bernie with her third and Christina waiting on her fourth.


This is a seriously awesome story that will keep on giving for time to come. Their mother is one lucky grandma (it must've been better than Christmas morning for her).


Image via Lebedeff/shutterstock 

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