This 'Pregnant Man' Commercial Is the Comic Relief You Didn't Know You Needed Today (VIDEO)

Fiber One commercialAt some point, most moms have probably wished that their male partner could experience pregnancy to help them understand what they are going through. Of course it's not possible, which is frustrating, but at least one company found a way for us to laugh about it. This commercial depicting a "pregnant man" has a surprise twist at the end that definitely makes it worth watching. 


This Fiber One commercial shows a couple going through the stereotypical scenes of a pregnancy. Midnight cravings, trouble sleeping, crying at the drop of a hat -- it will all be familiar to anyone who's had a baby. Of course, he is a man and can't actually be pregnant, but the punchline is still pretty unexpected. Check it out. 

You probably didn't see that coming, right? He just had to take a big poop. I think this ad is positively hysterical and the actors in it do a fantastic job. The woman's constant exasperation with her "pregnant" partner is spot-on and the man's facial expressions are exaggerated and hilarious. This commercial definitely made me laugh out loud.

Some women might take offense to this, as it sort of downplays the very real struggles of pregnancy. Of course, some of the tougher parts of having a baby are not to be taken lightly and shouldn't be mocked, but if we can't laugh at a "pregnant man" who is actually full of you-know-what, then we aren't ready for parenthood. Having a sense of humor is a big part of the deal.

Of course, we all know that being pregnant and giving birth are absolutely nothing like taking a big poop, but this commercial hilariously illustrates the very real struggles of pregnancy while also making us laugh. I think Fiber One can call it a rousing success. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go give up my seat on the bus to a gassy man wincing at me.


Image via Fiber One / YouTube

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