A Pregnant Woman Using Facebook to Find Her Baby's Father Is Anything but Romantic -- or Funny (VIDEO)

What if I told you a French woman created a Facebook page to find her baby's daddy? Would you believe me, or would you think I was giving you the IMDb synopsis off an upcoming Nicholas Sparks movie?


Well, thankfully it wasn't. In fact, it turned out to be some sick and twisted ploy to promote an Australian business that's another sad example of this world's lack of integrity -- and moral compass for that matter.

"Natalie Amyot," or Alizee Michel, the marketing student pretending to be a pregnant damsel in distress, created a Facebook fan page to find a man whom she called the "love of her life." In her fictitious story, "Natalie" met this guy while on a trip to Australia where they enjoyed each other's company so much, they made a baby.

This was her plea to find him.

Can I be honest? After watching this YouTube video, I find myself staring at my computer as I take a deep sigh. For starters, anyone having unprotected sex with someone other than your spouse (if not, they better be pretty darn close to one) needs to wrap it up -- especially when you have a one-night stand. Hello, there is such a thing as sexually transmitted diseases, not to mention HIV and AIDS that will make a few minutes of fun (if you're lucky to get that) a lifetime of agony.

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The biggest issue I have with this story (this of course was before the "surprise, it's all a sham" video surfaced) was not the desperate plea to find the father, but how crazy some people are who actually think it was a romantic gesture. Who dropped you on your head to think checking bars and posting your "help me find my baby daddy" video online is romantic? Before the cat was let out the bag, there were quite a few commenters on "Natalie's" Facebook page that thought so.

Now that the entire world knows this was fake, I truly hope the businesses involved get what's coming to them. It's a sad truth that many in this world feel so helpless in situations that they do just about anything to remedy a problem -- including use social media to find others. As crazy as this video was (not to mention the idea of someone trying to locate a person they had a one-night stand with), plenty of folks felt bad for "Natalie," and hoped she see some sort of positive resolution.

Don't play around like this!


Image via Natalie Amyot/YouTube

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