10 Strange Pregnancy Cravings That Look Like 5-Star Meals ... Until You Take a Bite (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Sep 1, 2015 Pregnancy
10 Strange Pregnancy Cravings That Look Like 5-Star Meals ... Until You Take a Bite (PHOTOS)

eating for two soap recipeIt all started with Oreos and toothpaste. When one pregnant woman admitted she craved this strange combo, it inspired Juarez Rodrigues and Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus to launch a fun photo project: Eating for Two: The Pregnancy Cravings Cookbook.

"The Oreos-and-toothpaste woman used to sneak out of bed at night and make them secretly while everyone else was sleeping. She was always afraid someone would catch her," says Jacob-Ebbinghaus. "We realized a lot of women are embarrassed about their cravings, so we thought it would be cool to document all the strange things pregnant women want to eat."

So they started gathering pregnancy cravings from friends and online, then set about making them. "Our goal was to make the dishes look really delicious, just like they must look like to the women who crave them," says Jacob-Ebbinghaus.

However, they want to make clear that they don't in any way encourage Pica -- the desire to eat non-foodstuffs -- "since it can be very unhealthy for mothers and babies and well anyone, really," Jacob-Ebbinghaus continues. "But we thought our role in this project was to document, not to judge. So we believed it would be wrong to leave the weirder recipes out."

For added measure, Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Rodrigues taste-tested each dish they created -- even the weirder ones like soap -- and rated them on a five-star scale.

"The soap was really, really terrible. Our mouths still have PTSD from it," jokes Jacob-Ebbinghaus. And yet, "One or two of the other recipes were quite a pleasant surprise, though -- the Bacon and Mars Burger for example. And the Oreos with toothpaste were actually pretty tasty."

The project has garnered so much success online, the duo is considering turning it into a book as well as a website. "We'd like to add a few more recipes first," they say (to submit one email eatingfortwocookbook@gmail.com). Check out some recipes they've whipped up so far.


Image via Eating for Two

  • Toothpaste Oreos


    Image via Eating for Two

    This toothpaste Oreos recipe -- the inspiration behind this whole book -- is actually quite tasty, according to our two taste testers Rodrigues and Jacob-Ebbinghaus. After all, they point out, "chocolate and mint go really well together."

    Taste rating: 3/5 stars.

  • Steak & Ice Cream


    Image via Eating for Two

    This steak topped with ice cream craving didn't impress our taste testers. "There is a special place in hell for people who ruin a good steak like this," Rodrigues and Jacob-Ebbinghaus say.

    Taste rating: 1/5 stars

  • Medley of Soaps


    Image via Eating for Two

    Yup, one mom wrote in confessing that she craved soap -- so Rodrigues and Jacob-Ebbinghaus whipped up this gorgeous recipe of Nivea hand soap with dish soap sauce ... and tasted it, too. They warn that you should not walk in their footsteps.

    Taste rating: "This dish can't be graded on our star rating because if we gave it half a star, every other dish would be five stars," they say. "Do not try this."

  • Coal


    Image via Eating for Two

    That's right -- one mom wrote in admitting that during her pregnancy she craved coal ... and not to stay warm, but to nosh on in all it gritty glory. And it's not as bad tasting as you might think. "Surprisingly it tasted like nothing," say Rodrigues and Jacob-Ebbinghaus. Slightly gritty nothing."

    Taste rating: 5/5 stars (only because they tried it immediately after the soap recipe and it was utterly delicious by comparison)

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  • Bacon Mars Burger


    Image via Eating for Two

    One mom admitted to craving bacon Mars burgers -- and our taste testers were pleasantly surprised when they tried it themselves. "It's pretty crazy, but the good kind," they say.

    Taste rating: 4/5 stars

  • Burnt Matches


    Image via Eating for Two

    One mom wrote in confessing she craved eating burnt matches while pregnant ... and our taste testers were surprised when they tasted one themselves. "The head tasted like garlicky egg and the rest tastes like nothing," they said. "All in all, the experience wasn't terrible."

    Taste rating: 1/5 stars

  • Buttered Watermelon


    Image via Eating for Two

    Mmmm, buttered watermelon. Does this odd pregnancy craving work for anyone beyond the mom who submitted it? According to our taste testers, it starts off okay but quickly goes bad. "The butter takes the delicate freshness of the watermelon to new heights ... and then pushes it off, completely annihilating any trace of it," they say.

    Taste rating: 2/5 stars

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  • Popcorn on Bed of Sauerkraut


    Image via Eating for Two

    We've heard of pregnant ladies craving salty stuff like pickles, but sauerkraut topped with popcorn does seem like a clash of textures. Nonetheless, taste testers Rodrigues and Jacob-Ebbinghaus say, "It isn't any worse than sauerkraut by itself."

    Taste rating: 1.5/5 stars

  • Oranges With Tomato Sauce Glaze


    Image via Eating for Two

    Orange "sushi" topped with tomato sauce "glaze" may sound not so bad, but according to our taste testers, "the true evil in this dish is that it catches you unawares. Who doesn't like oranges? Who doesn't like tomato sauce? What harm could there be in putting them together? Why have I suddenly lost the will to live?"

    Taste rating: .5/5 stars

  • Chocolate Olive Cake


    Image via Eating for Two

    Sure, many pregnant women crave a mix of salty and sweet ... but olive cake isn't for everyone, says our taste testers Rodrigues and Jacob-Ebbinghaus, who call it "the perfect birthday cake for your enemies." 

    Taste rating: 1.5/5 stars

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