Couple's Clever Pregnancy Announcement Gives New Meaning to the Term 'Sex Tape' (VIDEO)

pregnancy announcementCute and clever pregnancy announcements are all the rage these days -- but one expecting couple took the art of the gestational declaration to a new extreme with a video that seems almost big-budget enough to be an actual movie trailer!


Titled "Jen and Calvin's Sex Tape," the video features a couple (presumably Jen and Calvin) running around Toronto, trying to meet up for that magical insemination moment. Oh yeah, did I mention that Jen is dressed up as a giant "egg" (i.e., a pink circle) and Calvin is a sperm? Lots of other "sperms" are vying for Jen's attention, of course, but it's Calvin who wins out -- and after holding hands and spinning around in the middle of a park for a minute, POOF!! Baby magic. Check it out:

Sort of like a cross between an avant-garde sex-ed film and an '80s music video, right?? Bet these two are gonna have some prettay, prettay, prettay creative videos to show off once that little one arrives.

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Meanwhile, pretty much every other couple looking to go viral with their pregnancy announcements are going to have to step it up a notch now. Game on, parents-to-be!


Image via Davin Lengyel/YouTube

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