Couple Stages Last-Minute Hospital Wedding When Mom Goes Into Labor Early (VIDEO)

stephanie tallentIt's the kind of wacky premise you wouldn't quite believe if you saw it in a movie -- except it really happened to one Texas couple: When Stephanie Tallent went into labor early during her 8-month ultrasound, she and her betrothed had no choice but to improvise a hospital wedding!


Tallent was just 36 weeks pregnant at the time of her ultrasound, so she and her fiancé, Jason Nese, figured they had plenty of time left to tie the knot before their daughter was born -- and getting hitched before the birth was "important" to both of them, Tallent said. In fact, she and Nese had even obtained their marriage license the day before the ultrasound.

So when Tallent unexpectedly went into labor (while she was at the hospital, conveniently!), she and Nese enlisted the hospital staff to help them throw together an impromptu ceremony before her cesarean section. A chaplain performed the marriage before a congregation of doctors, nurses, and clinic workers, while Tallent wore a white sundress that happened to be in her car because she was going to take it to the dry cleaners. A staff member donated a vase of roses from her desk for a bouquet.

And so, in a scene worthy of the most fantastic of romantic comedies, Tallent and Nese were wed -- just hours before their daughter Sophia arrived (weighing a healthy 6 pounds, 3 ounces!). Plus, they have this news clip to cherish as a wedding video for the rest of their lives:

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Awww! How seriously adorable was that? (And how seriously adorable is that baby??) Tallent and Nece's wedding anniversary will always be extra-special, because it's like the anniversary of their family! And just think of all the money Tallent saved on a wedding dress!


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