Jessa Duggar Posts Adorable 'Throwback' Ultrasound Pic -- But Could Another Baby Be Hiding in There? (PHOTO)

jessa seewald duggar, ben seewaldWith just about 10 weeks left until she gives birth to her first child, Jessa Duggar must be feeling nostalgic for the early days of her pregnancy -- because she just posted a "throwback" pic to her little one's first ultrasound, taken 10 weeks ago!


It's an adorable shot with an adorable caption: “Throwback to exactly 10 weeks ago! #BabySeewald’s first ultrasound at 19 weeks and three days! Amazing how we can take a peek at this sweet little face, tiny arms and legs, and even see the baby’s umbilical cord! Such an amazing miracle! We’re so grateful to God for you! Almost to the 10-week countdown … And your daddy and I can hardly wait to meet you!”

Check it out:

Awww! You can already tell that little one's gonna be a cutie!! (Of course, all babies are adorable in my book. But still.) What you can't tell from the pic, however, is the baby's gender -- or even if there's another baby hiding in there! After all, Jessa and husband Ben have been dropping hints that they might be having twins, as evidenced in the poll Jessa also posted to Instagram:

Put in your guess on our website!

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Hmmm. If I had to put money on it, I'd say they're not having twins -- they're just having fun keeping everybody guessing. But who knows? Either way, I'm sure Jessa's gonna be a great mom (it's not like she doesn't have plenty of experience taking care of babies!). 


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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