Former 'Bachelorette' DeAnna Pappas Is Expecting Again! (PHOTO)

deanna staglianoA huge congratulations goes out to former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas and her husband Stephen Stagliano: The couple (already parents to 18-month-old daughter Addison Marie) is expecting their second child this winter! Hey, the more, the merrier!


The new addition is set to arrive in February, 2016 -- right around big sister Addison's second birthday. And of course DeAnna included her adorable little girl in her Instagram post announcing this pregnancy, captioning the pic: "So excited to finally share that we are expecting #BabyStag2. We are so full of joy and so blessed!!"

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Awww, how adorable is that shot! There's nothing like the look on a little one's face when you explain the whole "there's a baby in my tummy" concept to them for the first time! (Addison, for her part, looks slightly confused. "There's a what in there??") 

And how awesome that DeAnna's kids will be so close in age! You know what they say: Having kids close together is tough on parents during those first few years, but great for kids. Talk about a tight sibling bond! Then again, I had my kids pretty far apart, so the grass is always greener. Either way, though, there's no question that DeAnna and Stephen are building an absolutely beautiful family -- and thanks to the magic that is social media, we'll get plenty of glimpses at their adorable antics.

Here's to a happy, healthy pregnancy, DeAnna!


Image via deannastag/Instagram

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