Moms Reveal Their Craziest Pregnancy Cravings

Wendy Robinson | Aug 27, 2015 Pregnancy
Moms Reveal Their Craziest Pregnancy Cravings

pregnant bellyPregnancy is a such a special time: the first fluttering kicks, the firmness of your growing belly, and the suddenly exasperating task of figuring out what in the heck you actually want to eat on any given day.

Between battling morning sickness, heartburn, and sudden aversions to favorite foods and smells, it's no wonder women sometimes find themselves making some interesting and unexpected culinary choices while pregnant.

We asked 12 moms and moms-to-be on CafeMom to share their most memorable pregnancy cravings and, fair warning, some of them might make you hungry but others might just gross you out.

We can't stop laughing about #5!

Did you have any crazy pregnancy cravings?

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  • Mushroom Mama



    "I craved chocolate rice cereal in milk, peanut butter banana cocoa milkshakes, grapefruit, and jars and jars of pickled mushrooms -- I would drink the liquid after eating all the mushrooms. So much sodium!" -- Tamara S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Comparing Apples and Oranges



    "When I was pregnant with my son, I craved oranges like a fiend. My husband would go to the warehouse store and come back with a 15-pound box of oranges and worriedly ask, 'Is this enough for the next few days?'

    With my daughter I wanted all things apple. Honeycrisp apples, apple bread, apple fritters, applesauce cake, whatever I could get! We took a trip to the apple orchard that fall and it was borderline embarrassing how excited I was." -- Frannie R., Des Moines, Iowa

  • Bubbles, Please!



    "I had terrible morning sickness for almost my whole pregnancy. I actually weighed less the day I had the baby than the day I conceived. It was awful. They only thing that didn't make me sick was drinking things with carbonation. I loved the fizz. We even bought an at-home carbonator and I lived on fizzy water, fizzy juice, even fizzy sports drinks. It was the only thing that kept me hydrated and out of the hospital. I still love club soda now." -- Annie E., Bayfield, Wisconsin.

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  • Meat Fantasy



    "My craving with my first pregnancy was red meat. I would have dreams about giant roast beef slabs being sliced in front of me. (Like on a big buffet, under the heat light with the chef in the white hat slicing it with a big knife, just for me). On more than one occasion I would wake up in the middle of the night and need to go eat some. I also ate a lot of bacon cheeseburgers.

    My third pregnancy I craved vinegar. I would literally lick my plate clean of hot sauce (which I put on everything), and would eat vinegar-soaked cucumbers daily (and go through three giant seedless ones a day)." -- Sarah M., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Digging the Dip



    "Cherry cone dip from the ice cream shop. Yep. Just cone dip. Straight cone dip. I'd sheepishly ask the ice cream shop workers to just pour it in a cup, I'd blame the baby, and I'd run out of there before anyone noticed me. And then, I would wait for the cone dip to solidify, and I'd eat it with a spoon." -- Rachel F., Highland Park, Colorado

  • Pumpkin, Please



    "I had desperate cravings for pumpkin spice yogurt. Which sucked, because I wasn't pregnant in the fall, and I couldn't find it anywhere. I tried other kinds of yogurt, and they all grossed me out. I just wanted pumpkin spice! I eventually just got vanilla Greek yogurt and mixed in pumpkin pie spice mix. My husband was so revolted." -- Laurie W., San Diego, California

  • Spicy Mama



    "My first pregnancy craving was macaroni and cheese, which I normally hate. Oh and BLTs. I ate a BLT every night for dinner, nothing else. During the second pregnancy, it was any form of chicken with buffalo sauce. My husband made many batches of buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips for me, and I made a couple late-night visits to the local bar for wings. I was the huge pregnant lady in the bar eating wings at 11 p.m. Classy." -- Julie P., Washington, DC

  • Beer Isn't for Babies



    "I don't normally drink beer at all, but for some reason when I'm pregnant I love the smell of it! We don't keep it in the house but my husband came home from a happy hour smelling and tasting like it and I nearly lost my mind." -- Jessie B., Eugene, Oregon

  • Oh, Spicy!



    "Mexican food. All the time. Maybe this explains my baby's spicy personality?" -- Megan O., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • The Stereotype



    "I went through a jar of pickles a day. The whole 'pregnant women love pickles' stereotype exists because it's true!" -- Claire P., Salina, Kansas

  • Grapefruit All Day



    "Grapefruit. Everything grapefruit: the fruit, the juice, the smell. I bought grapefruit-scented soap products, shampoo, conditioner, and oil extracts to put in my vacuum cleaner filter. It was crazy!" -- Christine S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Gummy Mummy



    "I couldn't eat anything heavy or fried. I basically subsisted on simple carbs and fruits and veggies for nine months. Except for moments when I craved super sugary things like gummy worms. At one point, I ate an entire half-pound bag of gummy worms in a day." -- Rachael W., Madison, Wisconsin

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